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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington N.Z. Vol. 1, No. 11 June 15, 1938



"Salient" was very intrigued with two objects in the Chinese Consul's office namely, an exquisite Chinese cigarette box, and two volumes of H, G. Wells ("Outlines of World History" and "Wealth and Happiness of Mankind") taking pride or place in a bookcase of Chinese books.

"What is the idea of dropping leaflets over, Japan Instead of bombs?" asked "Salient."

"We are fighting the Japanese militarists or war lords, not the people, and although the war has been going on for 11 months we are still trying to get the Japanese people to understand the true position. We do not want to fight them—they are innocent, under the oppression of war lords. They are being ruined by an ambitious military cliche who are riding Japan to [unclear: ruin]; and I hope the people will reverse this policy before ruin overtakes them."

Japan and Drugs

It is Interesting to learn that Japan employs more humane (?) tactics than bombing—opium.

"Is Japan attempting to conquer China with morphine and opium?"

"Yes," Mr. Wang affirmed emphatically. "Japan is making use or extra territorial rights, and has organised the traffic in China. For many years. Tien Tsin has been the headquarters for a vast opium and narcotic industry embracing all China, and the East."

Economic Situation.

"China has great natural and national economic resource. She is ready, prepared for a protracted war of three years. With her enormous man-power she will be able to mobilise 1,800,000 man in about 6 months. Japan has to spend more than 25 million dollars per day in this War, and she can't keep that up. The last two or three years we have had great crops; Industry has improved by leaps and bounds with Government aid, and currency is in a favourable position.


"Is the Chinese Government Communist."

"No. The present Government is organised, how do you say it?" and a long pause "I know, based, that's it, the Government is based on Dr. Sun [unclear: Yat] [unclear: en's] principles of the people. The 8th Route Army has pledged full allegiance to the National Government, and this occurred on October 22, 1937. The pledge abolished the Chinese Soviet, disbanded the Chinese Red Army, suspended all activities and Bolshevising of China, and also meant renunciation of practice and theory violence." V.E.