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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 1, No. 9 June 01, 1938

Music Mirth and Magic

Music Mirth and Magic

After being gracefully robbed of half-a-crown at the door, we were admitted to the Gym. to get back our money's worth—we drank sarsaparilla, ate hard and listened ruefully to inspired burbling from students and professors—the Undergrads' Supper, of course! Several thousand of those prevent had fasted all day in order to do justice to the eats, but unfortunately those said articles were polished off early in the evening, and many unfortunates were forced to resort to cups and cups of coffee which filled spare corners, and aided them in keeping awake for the proceedings which followed.

Mr. Edgley opened the drinking orgy by proposing solemnly and loyally a rather unusual toast—The King, gen tlemen.

Mr. R. J. Corkill proposed the toast of the Prof. Board, and In a long elegy, suggested that the Gym., as an early piece of New Zealand architecture, with yards of sentimental memories and worship attached, should be transported to some place enabling it to be worshipped (when we get our new building). He also asked impertinent questions. e.g. where and why is the Prof. Board?

Professor Hunter confirmed suspicions we have long entertained, by informing us that the Prof. Board was the witless brigade, and himself stood there as chief representative.

[unclear: To wake us from torpor, Ron Mock] sang one of his lewd, inevitably biological Extrav, songs, to wit. "Rollo, the Ravaging Roman." Everyone chorused lewd, long and heartily.

Mr. W. A. Morrison proposed the toast of the Graduands, and went school-tieish. Unfortunately. "Salient" was mesmerised by a large picture of Mickie Savage hanging above the punch-ball, and didn't hear much.

Mr. Aimers, obviously suffering from the effects of lemonade or ginger beer began in the true Omazin Grab fashion: "Unaccustomed as I am." and several bright interruptions made it possible to reproduce Adam Baba in bitsa. Mr. Aimers also perpetrated a pun—the cad—by referring to the programme compiler placing Aimers and Gaudeamus side by side.

Mr. Scotney, proposing the toast of the Exec., and full of morals as usual, gave us a story about the Muezzin: and Informed us that women were superior in all but brute intelligence. Rather surprisingly, he said nothing nasty or alarming.

Bob Edgley was surprised that Mr. Scotney had not been rude about the Exec., and "Salient" was busy calculating if two sips would mean an empty glass or no.

Paul Taylor, looking young and pretty, rendered "Treasure Trove" In a devastating fashion, and [unclear: se he] stage for Mr. Meek to propose "The Ladles." But before he did so, Ron gave us a dissertation. He told us he knows nothing of women. Not being a conoisseur, he had been forced to go to friends for information on the subject, with the result that ladles are "catastrophic: simply devastating." He explained female nature by doing one of his "magics" with three Bags-Tommy, Sally and Jacky.

Helen Maysmor, in reply, really said nothing, but she made it sound a lot of something quite successfully.

"Absent friends" and "God Save the King" (after all that) released us to go downstairs for some singin' and dancin'.