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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 1, No. 6 April 13, 1938

Tournament Delegates

Tournament Delegates

An Explanation

At a meeting held on Monday the 28th March the question of Tournament Delegates was placed before the Executive. It appeared that the Tournament Delegates were not working harmoniously but that they had decided to carry on together. A special meeting of the Executive was called on Monday the 41th inst., when the Executive was asked to consider the case and request the resignation of one of the delegates. This unpleasant task the Executive duly carried out, and an a result the following motion was passed unanimously:—That the Executive with great regret request Mr. Mason to resign the position of Tournament Delegate and give the following reasons:
  • (a) That the Executive considers that Mr. Mason could have been of more assistance to Mr. Edgley although the Executive considers that the neglect has been somewhat unconscious.
  • (b) That the Executive considers that this is a case of two people unsalted to work together.
  • (c) That the Executive considers that it is expedient that the Senior Delegate continue in office, as he naturally has a more thorough grasp of Tournament rules and organisation and that Mr. Edgley personally is a man callable of carrying out the duties involved.

Mr. Mason

Although I reset this matter. I feel it incumbent on me to state that—
1.The difficulty was at no stage either aggravated or sought for by me.
2.I have at all times been willing and prepared to carry out the Job.
3.The matter was brought up solely because of the President's uncompromising refusal to cooperate with a duly-appointed colleague.
4.I am still trying to decide exactly what is the real motive behind Mr. Edgley's conduct.

Mr. Edgely

The Editor. "Salient."

Dear Sir,

—You have informed me that Mr. Mason has approached you and made a statement regarding his resignation from the office of Tournament Delegate, and you have asked me in my turn to make a statement. I have not seen Mr. Mason's statement and in any case do not regard this matter as one in which any advantage can be gained from a controversy in your columns. The Executive, of which we are both members, has considered the matter at length, and both of us have agreed to abide by the decision which It has given.

—Yours, etc.,

R. W. Edgley.