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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 1, No. 6 April 13, 1938



Dear "Salient,"—It is most regrettable that, while making such an excellent beginning, "Salient" should [unclear: stoop] to publish an article in such utterly bad taste as that displayed in the report of its interview with Count von Luckner.

Had the Count volunteered to speak at the College or thrust himself upon "Salient" or its reporter, a personal attack on him or on his views might have been defensible; but for "Salient" to seek an interview, and, upon its being grunted purely as an act of grace, to turn round and pour insult and derision upon its host is an act of gross discourtesy.

In the circumstances of the case, the caption "Comic opera (sic) Count Talks." the description of the Count as "gesticulating wildly, using terrific emphasis, and spitting frightfully," and the quoting of the Countess's words. "You are ze—ze (sic) gentleman (sic) to see ze Count." were sufficiently uncalled for; but the conclusion of the article, which describes Count von Luckner as a sailor "who had read Lowell Thomas's book about himself so much that he had begun to believe in it" is an utterly unjustifiable and reprehensible insult which calls for an apology. While it is true that manners are at a discount at the present day, it is to be hoped that students have a sufficient regard for elementary courtesy to resent the appearance of an article such as the one in question in the Organ of Student Opinion.

R. E. Jack.

(This letter has been abridged.)