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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 1, No. 4 March 30, 1938



Dear "Salient."—I would like to lodge a protest against the privileges of the College staff in connection with the use of the library. As far as I can gather, both by observation and enquiry, the staff exert a form of Divine Right in the withdrawn of books and periodicals. To all appearances they are subject to no limitations either as to the number of books and periodicals they can obtain, nor to the length or time they may retain them.

I am well aware that it is necessary, and in fact essential, that the staff should have access at all times to such periodicals and books as are necessary for their work. I consider, however, that this privilege is in' [unclear: some] cases greatly abused, and that a deplorable selfishness is shown in the manner that books and periodicals are retained.

In particular do I consider the system whereby the staff are allowed to appropriate all the latest of those periodicals dealing with current events, most pernicious. It means that by the time these periodicals are available to students a considerable period has elapsed. The disadvantages from the student viewpoint are obvious. To my mind a partial remedy could be effected by the retention in the library of these magazines for at least a fortnight after arrival, subject perhaps to exceptions in cases of vital urgency.

Needless to say it is to the advantage of the whole College that the staff make the fullest use of the library, but I contend that frequently they exercise their Olympian license at the expense of the student body.