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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 1, No. 2. March 16, 1938

Trouble in Eden

Trouble in Eden.

"What was this we read in the papers about one of the Trinidad athletes holding off an attack by some of the South African representatives with a handful or stones?" I asked.

"There wasn't anything about stones in it, but the rest was quite true. Things got so bad at one time that it seemed the whole Empire village wanted to go down to the South Africans and start a 'donnybrook.'"

"How did it all start?"

"Well, the South Africans didn't like the Trinidad athletes on account of their colour. You may have heard over the radio about the six-mile race Matthews won. Boy, it was wicked! The South African marathon runner went into the race to crack up the others. You know. Make the pace too hot. He'd run on a way ahead of the others. Then Stanford, the Trinidad chap, would keep right after him. Every time the South African bloke eased up. Stanford would pass him. Had him swinging. They kept on passing each other like this, and then the next time Stanford came up behind him, the South African bloke pulled right out to give him room to pass on the inside, and just as he got alongside him, he gave it to him with, his elbow. Out! right on the solar plexus. Flattened him right out. They had to get a doctor and have him carried off the track on a stretcher."

"Yes, we did hear that there'd been a bit of elbow jolting in the early part of the race, but we hadn't any idea it was like that."

"Gee, boy, it was wicked!"