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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 1, No. 2. March 16, 1938

Nearer Home

Nearer Home.

The homely Illustration of local University affairs may add point. The chaotically individualistic state of Weir House occupancy should be a warning and a sign. The pathetic attempts at co-ordination in everyday student affairs are notorious. From the selective silting of secondary schools (symphonic sibilants!) come students trained to strive as teams on the field—and as Crusoes in the class-room. For such the University is hungry; to them it extends an eager but clammy hand. A few short years, and they will leave its halls, thinking atomically, acting atomically—welcome (or superfluous) cogs, ready for their place in an atomic society.

The result is observable in the activities of tory as of radical organisations, though in capitalist society the tories have the more formidable task. Given a competitive market, genuine co-operation of exploiters is an economic absurdity. On the other hand, the workers can co-operate. Yet, despite the familiar exhortation, workers of the world do not unite. This they will see no occasion to do until they are convinced of the identity of their case and cause. Yet in their potential unity—little threatened by the isolationist influences of the University—lies their true hope and the promise of a co-operative age.

Henri Mandl.