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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol 1, No. 1. March 9, 1938

"Now is the Hour We Longed for."

"Now is the Hour We Longed for."

This tall grass fidgeted greyly. In-undated, with moonlight, the hill sloped heavily to the inexorable sea. The air was gently and bewilderingly alive. He and she sat close together. couched deeply in the grass and stared at the sea as it flooded in past the dark brooding rocks who always seemed to be pondering about things, but who really didn't because they were only rocks after all.

Just above stood the trees—thick and viscid against the impalpable-sky.

And as they watched they saw him turn, his eyes wide with wonder like a child's, his veins tense with a deep unaccountable ecstasy.

But the trees were not in the least surprised and only looked on in the off-hand kind of way that trees have for they had watched this sort of thing ever since the time they were old enough to see over the heads of the grass and, through the years, they had grown to accept It for what It was, which shows that trees are far, for wiser than you or I have the wherewithal to imagine.

As his eyes widened she lifted her smiling face to the skies, and was glad when the stars laughed back and shone more brightly for their sake. She knew that soon all would be one soft annealing flow its when Solomon sang to Sheba and kissed her Arab eyes.

She waited, her heart pounding as hearts sometimes do. Then he took her and kissed her lips defiantly, to show the moon that the earth was made for youth and for love.

And the trees nodded as they heard him whisper—"Dearest, Just think. We never would have met if you hadn't gone to Freshers Welcome."