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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol 1, No. 1. March 9, 1938


page 4


It Can be Done

In little more than a month, the big event of the 'Varsity year will be upon us and our team will be preparing for the Annual Inter-University Easter Tournament held this year at Auckland. Last year by a supreme effort Victorian managed to get rid of the Tournament Wooden Spoon, some of the teams, notably the Basketball, Rowing and Shooting teams, performed excellently.

In spite of some successes the standard of performance of the V.U.C. teams has been regrettably poor. If it is to be improved this year—and it must be improved—it behooves every person Who has the remotest chance of "making a team" to get into training right away.

There can be little doubt that the teams would be strengthened if all those who were eligible to play for this College were willing to do so. Unfortunately there are always a few who find stronger claims to their services than the claims Victoria. We would urge upon Freshers that there can be no stronger claims than those of your College.

It would be a mistake however, if everyone played for their Alma Mater (old woman) merely because they felt it was their duty to do so. There is more in it than that. Apart From the [unclear: first] that aborts activities generally are as necessary to a student as A yolk is to an egg you will find that one of the things of greatest and most lasting value which you can from your years at V.U.C. will be the friendships you make with other 'Varsity people at Tournaments, and above all. with other Victoria people in your Saturday games.

Here's hoping that this year will see, not merely better things in sport but the Tournament Shield in our glass case, and at least there Club Championships. It Can be Done.


The most notable achievement of the Seniors was the defeat of the hitherto unbeaten [unclear: Kilbirnie] team. Tricklebank Dean, Onngiey and Stephenson have shown all-round from, Wiren, Willson. and Harpur have scored runs consistently. Wiren being the only century-maker. Knowsiey has bowled well in his first season in Senior grade. Trickle bank secured a place in the Welllngton B reps.

For the Second XI. Cornish and Johnston have scored centuries, with Sharrock and Fitzerald also batting well. The all-rounders, Parkin and Drake have taken most of the wickets. Parkin did the "hat trick" on one occasion. Fitzgerald and Kirkham have also bowled with some success. Three new members. Whiting, Jarrett and [unclear: McPhail]. proved their worth in their first game.

The Junior B team is a well-balanced side, with all members doing well at times. Macrae, the captain. has bowled well and has received good support from Walker and Taylor-Cannon, Palmer and Sweeney have batted consistently and Bray is developing into a stylish batsman.

The Junior C team confounded the critics recently with a meritorious win over Institute, the leaders of the competition. Centuries have been scored for the team by Campbell and Wells, and Wilton reached the 80's on one occasion. Moore and Porteous have taken many wickets, and Roberts, with shrewd variation of length and direction, has bluffed out a few. Edgley, staging a come-back, has batted and bowled outstandingly well.


All things considered. it can fairly be said that this season is proving a better one than 1936/27. A good indication of enthusiasm is the activity or the ladders, while It is likely that the finals in all the champion-ships will be played before the end of March. In Inter-club matches despite the improved standard at 'Varsity, the club is faring, only moderately well.

Won Lost Position
1st Grade Men 1 2 4
2nd Grade Men 4 2 2 (equal)
2nd Grade Women 4 2 1 (equal)
3rd Men 1 2 5(equal)
3rd Women 1 draw 3 bottom
4th Grade 2 2 4


Tournament prospects are brighter than last year. Trials are beginning immediately and with N. A. Morrison, B. M. O'Connor, H. J. Hartley, F. H. Renouf, L. B. Sandford and B. W. Brock eligible the selectors should be able to choose a team capable of extending Canterbury. The girls to play in the trials are S. Phillipps, E. MacLean, L. Mete Kingi, K. Pears, P. Edwards and M. Fletcher.

Tennis Special.

A. K. Quist, Captain of Australian Davis Cup team and in 1936 ranked as the fourth best player in the world. discussed tennis with representatives of "Salient" ami Tennis Club officials after his exhibition matches at [unclear: Miramar]. See next week's issue for the report of this exclusive feature.


Every Wednesday night during the Summer season, the University Swimming club disports itself at Thorndon Baths at its weekly club night Owing, no doubt, to the splendid weather, and the work of an efficient committee the weekly nights have been the most successful for years, with an average attendance of about forty, good fields in all events, and races to please all tastes from that of the learner to that of the putative Weismuller.

Men are Good.

The men of the 'Varsity Club are uniformly good—although none are yet up to Tournament standard. More steady training is urgently needed. Since the departure of Mason, Carlyon, and other good swimmers, the younger members have had a hard task to attain to the old standard of excellence, but already a substantial improvement can be noticed, especially in the swimming of Ryan, Rawson, Hamilton and O'Flynn. who are all shaping well in sprint and distance

No Fast Women.

The women are another story. With the exception of Miss S. Hefford, who should win the Ladies' Breaststroke event at Tournament this year, and Miss M. Ongley, who is improving, they do not approach the average Wellington club standard. Again lack or training is the chief obstacle to their


The C Polo team has been defeated once only in the matches this season and next year should easily win its grade. As the result of practice and increased fitness, the team is now beginning to combine well. The A team met with some overwhelming defeats at the beginning of the season, but the number of goals by which their opponents win is now steadily decreasing. The challenge game between the A and C teams at the Annual Inter-Faculty Carnival, to be held on March 16th at Thornton Baths, should prove very interesting.

Our Big Night.

The Inter-Faculty Carnival will provide some thrilling races. Besides special handicap events for freshers, two Club Championships will be decided, an Interesting novelty event will be included, and an attractive subsidiary programme has been arranged.

Another unique attraction will be the appearance of Professor Ah Mihk, a Yogi Professor of Occult Science, who will perform a remarkable under-water escape from a sealed and examined sack. This miracle, which rivals the effects of the great Houdin!, is entitled: "A Challenge to Death."

Swimming Carnival.

The date—March 16th; the time—8.15 sharp; the place—Thorndon Baths (off Murphy Street). The admission is only 6d., which includes entry fees for the various races.

Women's Hockey

The V.U.C. Women's Hockey Club last year entered two tennis in the Wellington competitions—one in the A grade and one in the C grade—but it cannot be truthfully stated that they distinguished themselves.

The A team lacked combination, Especially the forwards, who were also too slow in seizing opportunities of shooting, We had some very good players among the backs and halfbacks, but the team as a whole showed great need for improvement and enthusiasm.

The members of the Junior team were for the most part new players, who improved greatly during the season. Towards the end the team was combining well and Showing much more enthusiasm than the Senior team.

Poor Traing Facilities.

The Club is definitely handicapped by its small membership and by its difficulty in practising. A training night was held once a week during the second term. This was quite well attended but unfortunately was almost always held inside, and though we were able to practise stick-work we had no practice in combination.

There is a possibility this year of having a portion of Kelburn Park flood-lift for practising purposes. If we can use this ground there should be a definite improvement both in practices and on the field.

With plenty of practice and enthusiasm the Women's Hockey Club can achieve anything Let's hope that this year it will do something Worth recording.

Men's Hockey

The G. F. Dixon trophy for 1937 has been awarded to the Juniors, captained by D. Good. Besides having a creditable playing record, they developed team spirit to a high degree. The Fourths cannot have been far behind, for their playing record and enthusiasm were also good. A member of the Fourths, O'Donnell, has been awarded the Hain Stick for the most improved new player.

The Annual Meeting of the Club will be held on the 21st.


We started the year well by winning the Basketball Shield at Tournament, chiefly through the enthusiastic support of the Haka Party.

In the Association matches we had our "on and off" spells. We entered a Senior A and a Senior B team, and both teams were well up in their grades in the first round of the draw. but owing to absence of players during the holidays and poor attendance at practices, we lost our place in the second round.

The Future.

This year we hope to do really well. Many of the players who deserted us last year in favor of Training College are back among us. For the latter half or last season we were lucky to secure the services or Max Riske as coach, and he has kindly consented to coach us for the coming season. Under his guidance, the teams have livened up considerably, and we feel sure they will continue to improve.

The Basketball Club deserves your support. Freshers! Play basketball and keep fit! Don't risk losing that "School girl" figure!