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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol 1, No. 1. March 9, 1938

Freshers' Pie — Food for Thought

Freshers' Pie

Food for Thought

This College, Victoria, has been described variously as a venerable pile, a hotbed of radicalism and a cute little chapel. To accept any of these would be to accept an attitude, so if you are an enterprising Fresher you will walk about it for yourself, say nothing and see everything.

If you stand in the hall where the Big Dogs foregather and you can appear to be credulous and reverent they will look kindly towards you and you will join any of their clubs under patronage. And you are advised to join clubs—mental stimulation or College Spirit are the usual reasons given to support this advice, but, nevertheless, make up your mind to be enthusiastic about something. If you have any Ideas and are prepared to back them against anyone's cynicism you will have a chance eventually to put them into effect, and Victoria needs people with ideas—may be you have noticed that.


Have you Looked into the Art Room yet? As a retreat front the Library, as is peaceful spot to ruminate or eat chocolate bars it is much appreciated but to dig into the piles of [unclear: reprints,][gap — reason: illegible] tastical, the theoretical and practical books on all aspects of art and its applications is decidedly interesting as well as informative.

We saw you creep into the Library and stand awed by the mounting shelves of important and dull-looking books, and put a tentative hand out here and there to discover whether it was geography or religion that looked so dusty, and we noticed your rueful eye when you discovered a few of the "missing." Occasionally a blank is filled, so keep one eye always turned towards the New Books shelf as you pass in and out—the other. If you are wise, will be smiling at the librarians. Persistently smiling thus may lead to a little climb up a ladder and the following of an elaborate ritual which will reward you with the privilege of reading lames Joyce or Have lock Ells, who rank, of course, among the "condemned." As an enterprising Fresher yon will need every bit of your enterprise to get the value of your guinea from the Library, Study the plan on the end of the centre table and go whither your enthusiasms lead, but gird yourself against disappointment.

Ash and Trash.

In the common rooms are magazines—old, very old, but you must be grateful for the works of Foundation Members—they did set the pace. That it has lagged horribly is Just too sad. If you are an enterprising person maybe an experiment with cigarette ash once or twice may arouse action. Try it.

The Notice Boards are a free art display occasionally, but an eye for them and a smile for Brookie as you enter the vestibule will assure you of a safe career at V.U.C.


Incidentally, if you feel an urge towards romancing, avoid the stairs, because the click of Brookie's wise and disillusioned fingers will shatter your moment. You may try the art room, the stairs and the halt—even the cafe as a locale for Romance or Argument, bat you will, of course, be hounded out of them all—and then you will ask brightly why there is no common common room, which may, or may not, provoke the raising of some amused or bitter eyebrow. And by and by you will find that through the din of a dance or the ribald flippancy of a debate it is possible to hang on to your intelligence and talk or to parade your charm and flirt. Anyway, there is always the cemetery—a promising site if explored with enterprise.