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Letter from Sub-Inspector Newland to Colonel Whitmore

Letter from Sub-Inspector Newland to Colonel Whitmore

Copy of a Letter from Sub-Inspector Newland to Col. Whitmore
Head Quarters, Woodall's Redoubt.
27th November, 1868.


I have the honour to inform you that I marched this morning with all the cavalry, being sixty-six of all ranks and corps, three hours before daylight to Wairoa, and remained five or six hours at that place, returning at 11 A.M. with despatches from Captain Hawes.

I reached Nukumaru graveyard at about 1 P.M., and, in accordance with your orders, remained in concealment until an opportunity presented itself to act.

After waiting about an hour and a half, perceiving a considerable number of Hauhaus about Mr. Handley's woolshed, I directed some of the men to advance dismounted, and followed with the rest of the force on horseback. Unfortunately a carbine went off accidentally which gave the alarm, and prevented our being as completely successful as we had hoped; but as soon as possible we mounted the dismounted men and charged, killing eight with sabre, revolver or carbine, besides wounding others.

I wish particularly to mention the extreme gallantry of Sergeant G. Maxwell of the Kai Iwi Cavalry, who himself sabred two and shot one of the enemy, and was conspicuous throughout the affair. Many others of all corps behaved extremely well, but I think it would be invidious to particularize further. The enemy turned out immediately and kept up a sharp fire, following us about three miles.

In accordance with my instructions I did not risk any further engagement, as the horses were tired, and the infantry were still at some distance.

The enemy is encamped in large force in rear of Nukumaru, near the bush, and has six bell tents erected.

I returned to camp at 6 P.M. I must acknowledge the assistance rendered to me by Captain O'Halloran of the Patea Yeomanry Cavalry,

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page 51 and Lieutenant Bryce commanding Kai Iwi and Wanganui Cavalry.

These gentlemen were prominent in this affair, and set their men a gallant example.

I have, & c.

“W. Newland, Sub-Inspector, A.C.

The Hon. Colonel Whitmore