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History of New Zealand. Vol. III.

9. Public Revenue, 1894–5

page 448

9. Public Revenue, 1894–5.

(Exclusive of Loans.).
Customs £1,569,785
Excise—Beer Duty 59,901
Land Tax 280,207
Income Tax 89,892
Succession and other Stamp Duties 297,000∗
Total £2,296,785
Land Revenue
Alienation £131,468
Rents of Pastoral Lands, &c. 184,699
Total £316,167
Public Works
Railways £1,152,748
Post and Money Order Office 254,800*
Telegraphs and Telephones 86,900Including £19 on account of old Property Tax.
Total £1,494,448
Registration and Other Fees (including fee stamps) £89,906
Marine 21,514
Other 69,896
Total £181,316
Grand Total £4,288,716

* Approximate only; one kind of stamp being used for all these purposes.

Exclusive of value of Government Free Correspondence and Messages, viz.:— Postage, £59,070; Telegrams, £26,080.