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History of New Zealand. Vol. III.

15. Public and Private Lands at end of 1893

15. Public and Private Lands at end of 1893.

Private Land
Alienated in fee simple— Acres.
Sold 13,608,838
Granted without purchase 7,093,162*
In process of alienation under deferred payment system 435,600
21,137,600page 454
Crown Lands Acres.
Under Perpetual Lease with right of purchase 1,100,537
Under Occupation with right of purchase 138,073
Lease in Perpetuity (999 years) 208,785
Under Depasturing Leases 11,896,110
Small Grazing Runs 893,874
Maori Lands 14,000,000
State Forest Reserves 1,136,467
Remainder of Public Estate 16,350,018
Total Area of Colony 66,861,464

Note.—Of the 31,700,000 acres of unalienated Crown lands (exclusive of Maori lands) nearly 10,000,000 acres are forests; 9,000,000 barren mountain tops, lakes, &c.; and the remainder open fern or grass country. The Maori lands also embrace large forest spaces. The rental of land selected with right of purchase is 5 per cent., and of a lease in perpetuity 4 per cent. of the cash price of the land. Right of purchase can only be exercised in the former case after ten years’ residence.

* Including grants to Maoris and others under Native Land Acts.

The Number and Rental of Depasturing Leases were 1481 and £125,351 respectively; and of small Grazing Runs 477 and £18,892.