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The Early Journals of Henry Williams


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I. Papers of Archdeacon Henry Williams

a. Manuscripts

The original manuscript journals of Henry Williams and his manuscript letters to the Church Missionary Society are in the archives of the Society in London. Archdeacon Williams, however, took copies of part of the journals, of many of his letters to the C.M.S., and of other letter written to various people. These with other manuscript letters from his grandfather and grandmother have been collected by Mr Algar Williams of Christchurch, and he has deposited all the originals, together with a number of original drawings by Henry Williams and others and some printed pamphlets and other material, in the Auckland Museum Library. In addition, he has made manuscript copies of all these documents, has indexed them and has had them bound in 30 volumes. Several other bound volumes holding some original documents, and copies of other documents, are in his possession.

The Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, the Hocken Library, Dunedin, and the Mitchell Library, Sydney, have a number of original documents. There are also a certain number in private hands, and it is hoped that these may be deposited in one of the libraries which has special facilities for caring for them. So many irreplaceable documents have been lost through being stored in buildings which have caught fire.

b. Typescripts and Microfilm

All the manuscript letters collected by Mr Algar Williams, the manuscript letters and journals held in the C.M.S. archives in London, as well as other manuscript letters, have been typed, and have been collated by Mr Williams, who has deposited them in the Auckland Museum Library. The typescripts of the letters are bound in six volumes: Vol I, 1822–9. Vol II, 1830–8. Vol III, 1839–44. Vol IV 1845–6. Vol V, 1847–8. Vol. VI, 1849–50. There is much interesting material in these letters, especially as they supplement the entries in the journals. Typescripts are also available at the Turnbull and Hocken libraries. Turnbull Library possesses a microfilm of the journals now published.

II. Other Contemporary Manuscripts

The journals and letters of contemporary C.M.S. missionaries are of great importance for a study of the period, and fill out and confirm many points touched upon lightly by Henry Williams. The originals of these journals and letters are scattered about in various libraries, in the archives of the C.M.S., London, and in the hands of private individuals. page 496 The missionaries were expected to report regularly to their London headquarters, and did this in journals and letters. At least some of these journals were compiled from notes or diaries which were recorded from day to day, and some of these notes and diaries are still extant. This explains why there are sometimes originals of journals of similar dates lodged in different places.

“The Union Catalogue of Manuscripts held in New Zealand Libraries,” and its supplement, is a useful but incomplete list. There is an urgent need for a complete and accurate record of original material, typescripts and microfilms held in Government archives, in libraries and by private individuals. Such a record would require a great deal of research, and should not be left as a task for the overburdened staffs of the libraries.

As far as can be ascertained, the following list gives the present lodging places of the original manuscripts of the early C.M.S. missionaries, and of the typescripts of those manuscripts. Some New Zealand libraries also possess microfilms of the original journals and letters held in overseas archives and libraries.

Ashwell, B. Y., The original journals and letters to the C.M.S. dating from 1834 to 1869 are in the archives of the C.M.S., London. Typescripts of these are available in the Turnbull and Auckland Museum libraries.

Baker, Charles B. The original journals and letters of 1849–1849, written from East Cape, Tauranga, Auckland and Waiapu, are in the archives of the C.M.S., and typescripts of these are in the Turnbull, Hocken and Auckland Museum libraries. Original manuscripts of journals written from 1827 to 1867 are in the Auckland Museum, and typescripts of letters written from 1827 to 1867 are in Turnbull Library.

Brown, A. N. Original journals dated 1829–1829 and 1835–1835 are with the C.M.S., and typescripts of these are held by Turnbull and Auckland Museum. Original letters from 1829–1829 are also with the C.M.S., and typescripts of these are in Hocken, Turnbull and Auckland Museum. Turnbull also has a typescript of letters written to Selwyn and others during 1852–1852. The original notes from which Brown compiled his C.M.S. journals of 1835–1835 are held at the Elms, Tauranga, and typescripts of these notes from 1835–1835 are in Hocken, Auckland Museum, Turnbull and the Auckland University.

Buller, James. Turnbull Library holds original journals for 1835, 1838–1838, 1871, 1879–1879, 1883, original letters for 1823–1823, and the original notes upon which Buller's journals were based.

Butler, J. The Hocken Library has original journals and letters of 1819–1819. Typescripts of the original journals of 1830–1830 held in the archives of the C.M.S. are in the Turnbull Library.

Chapman, Thomas. Original journals and letters of 1830–1830 are held by the C.M.S., and typescripts of these are in the Auckland Museum and Auckland Public libraries, which also have typescripts of letters page 497 written from Maketu during 1855–1855 to “a dear friend”. Some original letters written during 1857–1857 to T. H. Smith are in the Auckland Museum, and a typescript of these is in Turnbull.

Clarke, George. Hocken Library possesses original journals and letters from 1822 to 1871. Bound with these are some of the letters and journals of George Clarke jnr. Some original letters to Selwyn and others are in the Auckland Museum.

Colenso, William. There is an exhaustive list of Colenso's journals, letters and other documents in Bagnall and Petersen's book, William Colenso.

Davis, Charles. Original journals of 1827–1827 are in Turnbull.

Davis, Richard. Original journals and letters of 1835–1835 are in Hocken. Six original letters to Henry Williams and George Clarke are in Auckland Museum.

Hadfield, Octavius. Original journals and letters of 1833–1833 are in the Wellington Public Library, which also has a typescript of original letters of 1839 held by the Turnbull Library. The library of the Department of Internal Affairs has some original letters of 1838–1838, and typescripts of these are in the Turnbull and Wellington Public libraries.

Hall, William. The Hocken Library has original journals and letters of 1819–1819.

Hamlin, J. Original journals and letters of 1835–1835 are also in Hocken.

Kemp, James. Original journals from 1823–1823 are in the Auckland Public Library, and typescripts of these are in Hocken. Mr A. E. Kemp possesses originals of journals of 1829–1829 and 1848–1848, and typescripts of these are in the General Assembly Library and the Turnbull Library. Hocken holds the original of the 1814 journal, and a typescript of this is in the Auckland Museum Library. Hocken holds also the originals of journals and letters from 1819–1819, which are bound in with other C.M.S. material. Auckland Public Library has the originals of letters written during 1823–1823 and 1831–1831, typescripts of which are in Hocken. Auckland Public Library also possesses original letters on land claims written during 1847–1847. Original letters and documents of the period 1831–1831 are in the Auckland Museum.

Kendall, Thomas. Hocken holds original journals of 1815 and 1817 and original letters of 1831–1831. Much of these journals and letters has been published in Marsden's Lieutenants, edited by Elder. The Mitchell Library, Sydney, possesses the original journal of Kendall's voyage from Port Jackson to New Zealand in 1814; a typescript of this is in the Auckland Museum and Auckland Public libraries.

King, J. Hocken has the original journals and letters of 1819–1819. These were edited by Elder and published in Marsden's Lieutenants. Original letters of 1808–1808 are in the archives of the C.M.S., and a microfilm of these is in Hocken.

page 498

Matthews, J. Original journals and letters are in Mitchell, and Auckland Museum has four letters written from 1848–1848.

Maunsell, R. The whereabouts of Maunsell's journals is unknown. In the C.M.S. archives are original letters written during 1866–1866, and typescripts of these are in Turnbull and Auckland Public libraries.

Morgan, John. Original journals and letters of 1833–1833 are with the C.M.S., and typescripts of these are in the Auckland Public and Museum libraries. Typescripts of letters written from Otawhao in 1833–1833 and of others “to a friend” in 1836–1836 are in the Auckland Museum.

Preece, J. Auckland Public Library has the “Preece Papers”, which consist of a miscellaneous collection of material, with family letters of 1828–1828. The collection contains a brief biography of Mrs Preece, née Mary Ann Williams.

Puckey, W. G. Original journals and letters of 1831–1831 are with the C.M.S., and typescripts of these are in the Auckland Museum, the Turnbull and the Auckland Public libraries.

Shepherd, J. Original journals and letters are in Mitchell.

Taylor, R. Original journals of 1820–1820 are with the C.M.S., and typescripts of these are in Turnbull and the Auckland Museum. Original letters of 1866–1866 are also with the C.M.S., and typescripts of these are in the Turnbull and Auckland Public libraries. Turner holds inward correspondence of 1854–1854, and outward correspondence of 1850. The Auckland Public Library holds some 240 items including original letters, memorandum books, notes on various aspects of New Zealand life, &c.

Wade, W. R. Hocken possesses a manuscript transcript made from the original journals of 1834–1834 by Dr Hocken, who condensed the material considerably. Wade's Journey in the Northern Island of New Zealand was based on the original journals, the present whereabouts of which is unknown.

Williams, William. Originals of journals of 1825–1825 are in Turnbull. In the C.M.S. archives are original journals of 1825–1825, and typescripts of these are in Turnbull and the Auckland Museum. A manuscript journal written in London during 1851–1851 is in the Auckland Museum, which also holds original letters written during 1822–1822; typescripts of these letters are in Turnbull. Other original letters of 1822–1822, and extracts of letters written to Mrs Heathcote during 1865–1865 are also in Turnbull.

Wilson, J. A. Original journals and letters of 1833–1833 are in the C.M.S. archives, and typescripts of these are in Turnbull, Auckland Public and Auckland Museum libraries.1

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III. Printed Sources

a. Parliamentary Papers, Records and Journals

Copies or Extracts of all Communications received by the Colonial Office relative to an Expedition sent out from New South Wales to New Zealand in August or September last [Colonial Office, September 1835]

Report of Select Committee on Aborigines (British Settlements) [136, 7]

Report of the Lords' Committee on the Present State of New Zealand [1838]

Correspondence with the Secretary of State relative to New Zealand [1840]

Report of the House of Commons Committee [1844]

Historical Records of Australia

Historical Records of New South Wales, F. M. Bladen

Historical Records of New Zealand, R. McNab

The Letters and Journals of Samuel Marsden, J. R. Elder

Marsden's Lieutenants, J. R. Elder

b. Periodicals and Newspapers

The Church Missionary Register

The Missionary Record

The Colonial Church Chronicle

The Wesleyan Methodist Magazine

The Australian

The Journal of the Polynesian Society

Transactions of the New Zealand Institute

Reports and Proceedings of the Church Missionary Society

IV. Contemporary Works and Pamphlets

Bays, PeterA Narrative of the Wreck of the Minerva [1831]

Beecham, J.Remarks on Documents re New Zealand [1838]

Bright, JohnHandbook for Emigrants and Others [1841]

Buchan, JohnRemarks upon the Latest Official Documents Relating to New Zealand… [1838]

Burns, BarnetA Brief Narrative of the Remarkable History of Barnet Burns an English Sailor… [1835]

Byrne, J. C.Twelve Years' Wanderings in British Colonies, 1835–1847 [1848]

Carmichael, H.Hints Relating to Emigrant and Emigration [1834]

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— —The Present State of the New Zealand Mission [1838]

Cruise, Richard A.Journal of a Ten Months' Residence in New Zealand [1823]

Dumont d'Urville. J.Histoire du Voyage de la Corvette, l'Astrolabe, … 1826–1829. 5 vols [1830]

page 500

Dumont d'Urville. J.Voyage au Pole Sud et dans l'Oceanie sur les Corvettes l'Astrolabe et la Zelee… 1837–1837. 10 vols [1846]

Dumont d'Urville. J.Voyage Pittoresque autour du monde … 2 vols [1834]

Du Petit-Thouars, A.Voyage autour du monde sur le fregate la Venus… 1836–1836 … 4 vols [1840–1840]

Darwin, CharlesJournal of Researches… during the Voyage Round the World of H.M.S. Beagle [1845]

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Dillon, PeterNarrative… of a Voyage in the South Seas … 2 vols [1829]

Earle, A.A Nine Months' Residence in New Zealand in 1827 [1832]

Fitzroy, RobertRemarks on New Zealand [1846]

Fox, W.Colonization and New Zealand [1842]

Heaphy, CharlesNarrative of a Residence in Various Parts of New Zealand [1842]

Hinds, S.The Latest Official Documents Relating to New Zealand… [1838]

Jamieson, R. G.Travels in New Zealand, South Australia and New South Wales [1841]

Knight, CharlesThe New Zealanders [1830]

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Laplace, Cyrille P. T.Campagne de circumnavigation de la fregate l'Artemise… 1837–1837. 6 vols [1841–1841]

Laplace, Cyrille P. T.Voyage autour du monde par les mers de l'Inde et de Chine .. sur la corvette … la Favourite. 5 vols [1833–1833]

Lee, Samuel, and Kendall, ThomasGrammar and Vocabulary of the New Zealand Language [1820]

Lesson, Rene P.Voyage autour du monde… sur la corvette, la Coquille. 2 vols [1838–1838]

McDonnell, T.Extracts from Mr McDonnell's MS. Journal containing observations on New Zealand [1834]

Marshall, W. B.A Personal Narrative of Two Visits to New Zealand in His Majesty's Ship Alligator, 1834 [1836]

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Wesleyan MissionariesNew Zealand Narrative [1827]

Wade, Rev. W. R.A Journey in the North Island of New Zealand [1838]

Yate, W.A Letter to the Committee of the Church Missionary Society [1843]

Yate, W.An Account of New Zealand [1835]

page 501

V. Later Works, Pamphlets, &c.

Andersen, J. C. and Petersen, G. C. The Mair Family [1956]

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page 502

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page 503

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1 The full names of the libraries referred to in the above list are: The Auckland Institute and Museum Library; The Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington; The Auckland Public Library; The Hocken Library, Dunedin; The Library of the General Assembly, Wellington; The Library of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Wellington; The Mitchell Library, Sydney; the Wellington Public Library.