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The Early Journals of Henry Williams

V. Later Works, Pamphlets, &c

page 501

V. Later Works, Pamphlets, &c.

Andersen, J. C. and Petersen, G. C. The Mair Family [1956]

Bagnall, A. G. and Petersen, G. C. William Colenso… [1948]

Barton, R. J.Earliest New Zealand [1927]

Beaglehole, J.Captain Hobson and the New Zealand Company [1927]

Beaglehole, J.Early Exploration in the Pacific [1934]

Best. ElsdonThe Maori As He Was [1924, 1956]

Buick, T. L.Te Rauparaha [1911]

Buick, T. L.The Treaty of Waitangi [3rd edition 1936]

Buller, Rev. J.Forty Years in New Zealand [1878]

Burdon, R. M.New Zealand Notables. Vol I [1941]

Burrows, Rev. R.Heke's War in The North (1845 Diary) [1886]

Busby, J.Vindication of the Character of the Rev. Henry Williams [1850]

Butchers, A. G.Young New Zealand [1929]

Cambridge History of the British Empire, Vol 7

Carleton, Hugh.A Page from the History of New Zealand… [1854]

Carleton, Hugh.Postscript to “A Page from the History of N.Z.” [N.D.]

Carleton, Hugh.The Life of Henry Williams. 2 vols [1874, 1877]

Chamerovzow, L. A.The New Zealand Question and the Rights of the Aborigines [1848]

Clark, A. H.The Invasion of New Zealand by People, Plants and Animals [1949]

Clarke, GeorgeNotes on Early Life in New Zealand [1903]

Coleman, H.A Memoir of the Rev. Richard Davis [1865]

Condliffe, J. B.New Zealand in the Making [1930]

Cowan, JamesThe New Zealand Wars. 2 vols [1st edition 1922, 2nd edition 1955]

Cowan, JamesA Trader in Cannibal Land [1935]

Dakin, W. J.Whalemen Adventurers [1938]

Davidson, J. W.New Zealand, 1820–1820: An Essay in Re-interpretation [Historical Studies, Australia and New Zealand, Vol 5, No 10. May 1953]

Davis, C. O.The Life and Times of Patuone [1876]

Eccles, A., and Reed, A. H.John Jones of Otago [1949]

Elder, J. R. (Ed.)The Letters and Journals of Samuel Marsden [1932]

Elder, J. R. (Ed.)The Pioneer Explorers of New Zealand [1929]

Field, A. N.Nelson Province, 1642–1642 [1942]

Gudgeon, T. W.History and Doings of the Maoris from 1820 to 1840 [1885]

Harcourt, M.The Day Before Yesterday: A Short History of the Bay of Islands [1940]

Harrop, A. J.England and New Zealand from Tasman to the Taranaki War [1926]

Hill, H.Early Printing in New Zealand [Trans. N.Z. Inst., 1900]

Hocken, T. M.Bibliography of New Zealand Literature [1909]

page 502

Hocken, T. M.Early Visits of the French to New Zealand [Trans. N.Z. Inst., 1907]

Hocken, T. M.On Literature in New Zealand [Trans. N.Z. Inst., 1907]

Howard, B.Rakiura, Stewart Island, New Zealand [1940]

Jackson, Mrs J. H.Annals of a New Zealand Family [N.D.]

Jacobs, H.The Dioceses of New Zealand [1889]

Johnstone, S. M.Samuel Marsden [1932]

Kelly, L. G.Tainui: The Story of Hoturoa and his Descendants [1940]

Keys, LillianThe Life and Times of Bishop Pompallier [1957]

McLintock, A. H., Crown Colony Government in New Zealand [1958]

McLymont, W. G.Exploration in New Zealand [1st edition 1940, 2nd 1959]

McNab, R.From Tasman to Marsden [1914]

McNab, R.Old Whaling Days [1913]

Maning, F. E.Old New Zealand [1863]

Marais, J. S.The Colonization of New Zealand [1927]

Marsden, J. B.The Life and Labours of the Rev. Samuel Marsden [1857]

Marsh, E. G.Vindication of the Character of the Rev. Henry Williams and other Missionaries [1852]

Miller, H. G.New Zealand [1950]

Monfat, Le P. A.Les Origines de la Foi Catholique dans la Nouvelle Zelande [1896]

Morley, WilliamHistory of Methodism in New Zealand [1900]

Morrell, W. P.New Zealand [1935]

Ngata, A. T.Nga Moteatea [1929]

Pompallier, Rt Rev. J. B. F.Early History of the Catholic Church in Oceania [1888]

Purchas, H. T.The English Church in New Zealand [1914]

Ramsden, E.Busby of Waitangi [1942]

Ramsden, E.Marsden and the Missions [1940]

Reeves, W. P.The Long White Cloud [1950 edition]

Robley, Major-GeneralMoko, or Maori Tattooing [1896]

Ross. Ruth M.New Zealand's First Capital [1946]

Rutherford, J.Founding New Zealand: Edited Journals and Letters of Mr and Mrs Felton Mathew [1940]

Rutherford, J.The Treaty of Waitangi, and the Acquisition of British Sovereignty in New Zealand [1949]

Saint-John, J. H. H.Pakeha Rambles Through Maori Lands [1873]

Scholefield, G. H.Captain William Hobson [1934]

Scholefield, G. H.Dictionary of New Zealand Biography [1940]

Sherrin, R. A. and Wallace, J. H. Early History of New Zealand [1890]

Shortland, E.Traditions and Superstitions of the New Zealanders [1854]

Sinclair, KeithA History of New Zealand [1959]

Smith, S. PercyMaori Wars of the Nineteenth Century [2nd edition 1910]

Smith, S. PercyThe Peopling of the North [1898]

page 503

Stock, EugeneHistory of the Church Missionary Society [1899]

Strachan, A.The Life of the Rev. Samuel Leigh [1863]

Taylor, RichardTe Ika a Maui [1870]

Thomson, A. S.The Story of New Zealand… [1859]

Turner, J. G.The Life of the Rev. Nathaniel Turner [1872]

Warren, J.Christian Missions to the Aborigines of New Zealand [1863]

White, J.Ancient History of the Maori. 6 vols [1887–1887]

Williams, A. M. S. M.William Gilbert Puckey [1929]

Williams, H. W.A Bibliography of Printed Maori [1924]

Williams, W.Letter to the Rt Hon. the Earl of Chichester [1851]

Williams, W.Christianity Among the New Zealanders [1867]

Williams, W.Plain Facts Relative to the Late War… [1847]

Wilson, J. A.Missionary Life and Work in New Zealand, 1833 to 1862 [1889]

Wilson, J. A.The Story of Te Waharoa [1866]

Wilson, J. J.The Church in New Zealand [1910]

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