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The Early Journals of Henry Williams

a. Manuscripts

a. Manuscripts

The original manuscript journals of Henry Williams and his manuscript letters to the Church Missionary Society are in the archives of the Society in London. Archdeacon Williams, however, took copies of part of the journals, of many of his letters to the C.M.S., and of other letter written to various people. These with other manuscript letters from his grandfather and grandmother have been collected by Mr Algar Williams of Christchurch, and he has deposited all the originals, together with a number of original drawings by Henry Williams and others and some printed pamphlets and other material, in the Auckland Museum Library. In addition, he has made manuscript copies of all these documents, has indexed them and has had them bound in 30 volumes. Several other bound volumes holding some original documents, and copies of other documents, are in his possession.

The Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, the Hocken Library, Dunedin, and the Mitchell Library, Sydney, have a number of original documents. There are also a certain number in private hands, and it is hoped that these may be deposited in one of the libraries which has special facilities for caring for them. So many irreplaceable documents have been lost through being stored in buildings which have caught fire.