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Moko; or Maori Tattooing

6. Morris St. St James. London. S. W. 1. — 6/7/1927

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6. Morris St. St James. London. S. W. 1.

Dear Fildes

6th is [unclear: next] [gap — reason: illegible] to yours 27 May
safe[unclear: ly] r[unclear: ea]d and to make birthday once more
nice so just [unclear: you] a [unclear: tube] to register draw my
[gap — reason: illegible]e as when in RomeMarch 1900. King Humbert
accepted as frontispiece to his moko — if you
do same it will add a little to Book —
Weather tropical, is too much all at once
but such a glut of fruit is seen — I did
look in letter to see if your dear friend was
[unclear: b]ettering — I did think of this — you are
right about the Brett picture — I [unclear: never] liked —
I [unclear: for] my day [unclear: wishes] from [gap — reason: illegible]-friend
of Macleans, as I was able to do be [gap — reason: illegible]ood [unclear: turn]
re the Collection- "Indigenous Races in B. Empire
The manuscript book [unclear: or] picture colle[unclear: ctn] [unclear: n]eed

page break

[gap — reason: illegible][unclear: seen][unclear: in][unclear: services] I will [unclear: send]
ma[unclear: il] or two later for you to keep [gap — reason: illegible]
I will have war times meeting you

Hope friend is restored to Health

Best wishes
with ka[gap — reason: illegible]
Yrs [unclear: truly]

H G Robley

Register 6th—the Head kept with such care in Rome
from source histor[unclear: e] [unclear: &] voyage
You [unclear: all] killd