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Moko; or Maori Tattooing

Importation Prohibited

Importation Prohibited

Not long after this Governor Darling put his foot down. He prohibited under heavy penalties any importation of or dealing in Maori heads. Had the demand been really brisk the heads would no doubt have been smuggled into Sydney; but with the market so dull it was not worth while.

In New Zealand itself there was of little deal in heads nearly 40 years later, but it was not a matter of art. During the Hau-Hau outbreaks in Taranaki an officer, weary of chasing elusive Hau-Haus through the bush, and sickened by evidences of their savagery, said in the hearing of some Maori auxiliaries that he would gladly pay £5 each for the heads of the Hau-Haus.

That night a little deputation of Maoris came to his tent bearing bags. They opened the bags, and out rolled a dozen Hau-Hau heads.

Sydney "Sun" 21-1-1923.