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Moko; or Maori Tattooing


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Part I.—Moko
Chapter Page
I. How Moko first became known to Europeans 1
II. Men's Moko 20
III. Women's Moko 33
IV. Moko Processes and Tapu 48
V. Patterns and Designs 64
VI. Operators or Artists in Moko 98
VII. Mokoed Europeans and Mokoed Visitors to Europe 102
VIII. Moko in Legend and Song 114
IX. Decadence of Moko 121
Part II.—Mokoamokai
X. Tradition, History, and Incidents 131
XI. Methods of Embalming 148
XII. Traffic in Heads 166
XIII. Mokoed Heads in Museums and Collections 183
List of some of the Works consulted 209
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