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Moko; or Maori Tattooing

[historic fresco insert]

[Note added by Samantha Callaghan as transcriber:]

Note inserted by dedication.

page break

Historic Fresco

Much earlier than Earles well known

The discovery by our artist
of a fresco, and an ancient papyrus [with
Seans of office] stating it is an historic
scene, quite demolishes the translation
and naming, by late Egyptiologists —

Naming, varies often, for instance
the modern Egyptian fellah pronounces
"Carnavon" like "Cairnopen"; now what
an ancient Nile dweller's language would
have been is not known yet. In this
wall painting, a special hieroglyphic
which had escaped the scientists was
discovered, at once putting Pen drawing of an Egyptian hieroglyphic. as T.U.T
a wrong rendering

The striking sign
Pen drawing of an Egyptian hieroglyphic. between the Ts . denotes, T.U.T is
wrong T.A.T.T is now established as
the correct first syllable of word
or name, and this mural picture
opens out a vista of fascinating
art, art, old, long before a famous
[unclear: commissarial] officer alluded to it page break in Leviticus XIX 28 verse -
It is no scribe or priest depicted
here -it is an artist decorating a
ruler or personage
; in Special studio
as appears —

H G Robley

(H. G. Robley.) 27 Feb. 1923.
Maj. Gen.

Can you [unclear: get] into some paper?
for fame —
you write out-
better English