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Moko; or Maori Tattooing

[frontispiece inserts]

[Note added by Samantha Callaghan as transcriber:]

Notes inserted by frontispiece.

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Additions to MOKO
Fig21TE MUTUVol 2J Cowa[unclear: n]
22TE KANIVol 1.Wars
64PUKARUouter corner of Eye
all on right. Except 1 on top
75 & 78[unclear: Oaiue] head[unclear: s]
79. 80 & 140"
91. 179"
96. 136"
130REWETI in centre
My discovery after seeing so
many Maori heads that the
patterns are quite different
R & L. near ears - in
the MATAORA designs
133 or Ngakutu TE Tumihuia
Page 10 [unclear: shows] the patterns
[unclear: heal] different

add [unclear: ti] page 140 "[unclear: In] the a[gap — reason: illegible]
on Hekes Pa 1845 the flesh of
Capt. [unclear: Giaul]. Pe[gap — reason: illegible]adier [unclear: COY] 58th
was tasted for food. in order
to break "mana" or prestige
of the soldiers

if cast ever added [unclear: to] at sides
or made complete head for any
[unclear: Statue] - page 10 to [unclear: give]
good patterns near Ears

page break

Figures 13 & 16 Thigh skin
Somewhat alike


[unclear: Shews] "RAPE"


add and on arms


in Salford Museum


in Natural Hist. M[unclear: u]m

S. [unclear: Keies] [unclear: n]

3 Heads[gap — reason: illegible] from Captn Cook
at Whitby
2 " " " Hull

The Maori HEad at the Ethnological
Mm Rome - was perhaps
"PIKAPO" o[unclear: r] R. C [unclear: h]asCross on Chin
The King of Italy accepted
a portrait placed as frontispiece
in a copy of Moko


Dr Fildes

I have placed in my copy
of [unclear: Pounamu]
my [unclear: guess] at Tiki's
original [unclear: formulation] &
the history of a people
(as written out to you —

Yrs [unclear: Sincy]

H G Robley

page break

Special copy with a Robley
water colour of a Maori head
inserted, & notes & corrections
by H. Fildes, & notes by General

page break

From wings of nose to chin


at the wings of the nose


at the summit of the nose

Kau wai





under the nose


on the branches of the lower maxilla


flaps of the ears

Pae pae

Upper part of the cheeks



Koroti aha

Lower spirals of cheeks

E Rewa

Upper eyelid


over brows & temple


on middle of forehead


On the posteriors


Outer lines of posteriors


Upper Part of thigh

Edmund Halswell11/11/41.

Pakaru. tatoo marks on temples.

page break

"Annales des Missions
L'Oceanie" has acct of
R. C. in N.Z.

See Hocken p. 60.

[unclear: In] Oldham's Maori Heads. J.P.S.
Sept. 1935. P.190.

Intagliated = tatooing

page break

[unclear: 6] June Dr Fildes

— Heat a warning to wicked people
have few letters to reply to — but good [unclear: for] one from a Mr
[unclear: Hornibrook] for me [unclear: keep her] & TE Kiri in [unclear: bringing] out
Maori legends or advise — and I feel as piano as
anyone — the eye of the piece of skin — given as ⅔ in., and outside moko — I find is this length
Ink pen drawing of a line.

13 Fig

[unclear: breadth]
[unclear: and] I must post copy to you to do what you like with
[unclear: or fine] [gap — reason: illegible] Mm — I see the [unclear: best] weather tues.

the public, or bus conductors, Do I turn to "the Vine story
down the cliff at TE Reinga - read of the Keep that page break in the water underneath sways about [unclear: giving]
openings for the [unclear: plunge] — Thus cooling [unclear: leading] is
in the Northlander — 1932 will be centenary of the
missionary who fired at the Vine — the "[unclear: Puckegs]" a[gap — reason: illegible]
[unclear: 1st north] missionaries, and here was [unclear: Zeal]

I know little of the 22nd d[gap — reason: illegible]r NZ & [unclear: Scafa]
I note from Mr Elsdon Best [unclear: letter]. Maclean is now &
then in Wellington — I posted Mrs [unclear: D] M the A & SH [unclear: list]
of [unclear: dinner] [gap — reason: illegible] to see [unclear: how] many Macleans
[gap — reason: illegible]owe day while moko is pi[gap — reason: illegible] w[gap — reason: illegible]tters
lucky [unclear: finds] were the pukoro skin - and [unclear: selling]
Shortlands [gap — reason: illegible] [unclear: Vetchs] — I send coolest card by the mail

page break

skin 7in by 6. of a Maori left thigh - resembles the
drawing in Dumont D'Urvilles voyages as to designs of
copied in Moko figure 16 body tattooing
Pattern called "Puhoro" Whakairo
This skin in good preservation, was found in
a London saddlers with other specimens of leather

1894It is rare —
none in the British Museum —

Such was sometimes used by Maori for cover of
cartridge box —
Thigh skin
in collection

page break
one very old specimen that had been thickly coated with Tar
for preservation was [unclear: used] as a [unclear: Diyaks] to artist 1890 —
the tar removed (it was as brittle as glass when tapped)
there was nearly full tattooing — as the forehead was low
there were only SIX bands —Tiwhana usual, 8, — the teeth much worn
by eating fern root — In old days the septum of the nose
was pierced for feathers or ornament — Here was a ring
of iron wire — "matai" or iron was so valued from
Early Ships, this ring may have been put in by this man
Ink drawing of a mokomokai and forehead detail.

forehead upper
"Nga Titi
are good design

It had been in family a long
time brought by some.
Seaman relation
Head Collection
page break

415 [unclear: sid te] —This day I 4 Oct 1928. rose with karakia for you &
[unclear: put] up enclosed for [unclear: remembrance] of events,
that introduced us in London yet you had seen my
[unclear: best] NZ drawings - so heres a reference to the war
that brought you over [unclear: &] just 10 years [unclear: finis] [gap — reason: illegible] [unclear: months]
card of Kaiser is [unclear: real] - he went in Decm ˜ 4th
so just you try & justify this days karakia Octr
for Health - and good time you deserve
I have begun preparing for cold weather. Fancy
Lady [unclear: M] sends me winter things - so kind
but it is [unclear: you considered] me so long - I have
view of yr house in City, Wn, And the "unicorn" [unclear: click]
portraitsnow as I am 89 - let me guard it, by sending
out to you. (ouin a circle of friends)
[gap — reason: illegible] tries my war set of cards, just at this
year it is 10 years [unclear: reminder]
Happiness Best Wishes
Yrs Ever . H G. Robley

page break

can he not [unclear: lend] press to copy And if the [unclear: German] order to [unclear: Maori] troopes, not to
surrend to [unclear: NZri] opposite — [gap — reason: illegible] "Lines
are now pleasant for him - but not when I drew
-Remember me to Elsdon Best & J. Cowan & Polynesian Society
-Can you get copy Tauranga S. Club badge - it is good,
moko by me, the T.S.C could be asked . by [unclear: Adams]
for you - then erase T.S.C. it is as good as the war
maori Stamp - which must be rare now. Captn
Corbett I met - hunting for canoes - went to Portsmouth
to see One I named as over in 66 - a friend of [unclear: Cap] Bollons
[Fig 14 portrait in Moko - I forget name - do you know - all of
others I do - Te Kani figure 22 is mentioned [unclear: in the Crown]
Wars v P[gap — reason: illegible] - Dominion history [unclear: book] of you [unclear: did] [gap — reason: illegible]
and met to get - I showed [gap — reason: illegible] J. [gap — reason: illegible] - you do [unclear: some] good
historical writing 4th it is [unclear: bright]- day & good WEather
to continue so - karakia for your day & wishes
Happiness to you Yours