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Voices from Auckland, New Zealand.


page 145


The foregoing is in fact the "Auckland Waste Lands Act, 1858, with the modifications rendered necessary by the "Waste Lands Act, 1858," passed in the last session of the General Assembly, and referred to in the following letter from the Colonial Office:—
Downing Street, 19th October, 1859.


With, reference to the correspondence noted in the margin, which has passed between you and this Department, upon the subject of
Messrs. Ridgway,10 Dec., 1858.
Colonial Office22 Dec., 1858.
Messrs. Ridgway,21 Dec., 1858.
Messrs. Ridgway,23 Dec., 1858.
Colonial Office24 Dec., 1858.
Messrs. Ridgway,29 Dec., 1858.
Colonial Office5 Jan., 1859.
the "Waste Lands Act" of New Zealand, No. 75 of 1858, I am directed by the Duke of Newcastle to inform you that in consequence of a despatch which has been received from the Governor of that Colony, His Grace has felt himself enabled to submit the Act to her Majesty, and that it will be left to its operation.

I am,
Your obedient Servant,

Herman Merivale.

Messrs. Ridgway & Sons,
40, Leicester Square, London—W.G.

General Regulations.

Before Land in the Province can be disposed of to Europeans, the title of the Aboriginal Natives must be extinguished, and clauses 3, 4, and 16, have reference to and are intended to faciliate purchases of land by the Government from the native owners, by granting to the natives themselves a Crown title to portions of Land sold by them, and also by providing that Europeans who have lived on Native Lands and acquired influence with them, should be secured in possession of their homesteads, difficulty having been experienced in acquiring land, owing to the opposition of such persons to its sale by the Natives. The remaining clauses of the section relate to the division of the land, its mode of survey and sale.

Town Lands & Suburban Lands.

Town and Suburban Lands are always in the first instance to be offered for sale by auction at such place within the Province as may be fixed.

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Country Lands.

Country Land is to be sold at the fixed price of 10s. per acre, subject to the conditions of clauses 35 and 36. The best Land may be had at that rate, and for convenience of selection, Land will be surveyed when practicable in sections of 80 acres each.

Land For Special Settlement.

This is a mode of (special) settlement which might be carried out very successfully in the Province of Auckland, and in the promotion of which, Capital might be profitably employed. The Provincial Government regarding the scheme with favor, as having experience of its advantages, would endeavor to provide Good Land and Advantageous Locations for such settlements. It would be indispensably necessary, that, should a project of this kind be entertained and realized, an Agent connected with, or authorised by the intending Immigrants, should be sent in advance, in order that he might make choice of a Location. He should be empowered to go to some expense in providing temporary houses on the Land for the Immigrants, and also, to make other necessary arrangements for their reception. The individual Immigrants would be entitled to a selection according to age, of 40 or 20 acres of Land each in such settlement in lieu of the cost of their passage. The Land would be surveyed and ready, sufficient notice having been given beforehand, to be given over to the Immigrants, who might be landed in or near the spot from the vessels in which they arrive, and the little Colony, supposing it to be properly organised and to possess the necessary Capital, and provided with the necessary agricultural implements, might then at once commence operations, and avoid the delay, expense and difficulties which persons too often experience in settling in the Colony. A settlement of this nature should comprise at least from three to five hundred individuals, but under favorable circumstances special settlements of one hundred persons might be successfully established.


The clauses in this section provide for the granting of land, in lieu of the cost of passage to the Province. The proviso to clause 65, reserves to the Emigration Agents a discretion in granting Land orders, secures to them, in fact, the power of selecting suitable persons, and of rejecting the claims for such orders, of persons who from age, infirmity, or other cause, might not be considered desirable immigrants. As the success of the present scheme depends mainly upon the exercise of this discretion, it is proposed, to indicate the classes of persons who are most likely to succeed as settlers in this Province, without meaning absolutely to limit the Agents choice to such classes, viz.; Agricultural Labourers and Servants, Mechanics of various kinds, Domestic Servants male and female, page 147and Farmers with small Capital. The high price of money, ten per cent. being easily obtainable at Auckland, upon the very best security, will be an inducement to Capitalists who merely seek investment. Unless as being the head, or a member of a family about to emigrate, no land order should be granted to any person above the age of 60 years. Young men in the rank of gentlemen, who have not been brought up to any profession or business, or who are without sufficient capital to establish themselves in the Province and to employ labour, are not generally desirable as Emigrants. The opportunity of employment for such persons in offices under Government, as Merchants' Clerks, or otherwise, is extremely limited. In the other Colonies to which persons of the description above mentioned have flocked, they have as a class suffered disappointment, and endured great distress, from which they have been relieved, in most instances, by accepting menial offices, or by betaking themselves to manual labour, for which their previous habits have not qualified them.

By the Waste Land Regulations, the Cabin passenger will receive no greater quantity of land than the Steerage passenger, the abundant supply of labour being the primary object sought to be obtained.

The intending settler who brings out servants at his own expense, will himself be entitled to receive the Land Order for their passage, and not the servant.

Persons who immigrate together in numbers, for the purpose of forming a special settlement, will be entitled to make their selection from "Special Settlement Lands;" all other persons must select from "General Country Lands," and it is necessary that this should be carefully noted in the Land Orders.

A Land Order for General Country Land, when it has been presented and noted by the Waste Lands Commissioner in Auckland, practically represents a debenture or money order, of the Value of £20 or £10, as the case may be, aud will be available, under the special conditions of the Regulations, for the purchase by the individual in whose favour it is granted, of 40 or 20 acres of Country Land, in any part of the province in which General Country Land may be open for sale. Such Land Order is in force for five years; and the holder may exercise his right of selection under it, at any date within that period, and he is not tied by any conditions as to occupation or improvement, &c.

Persons who contemplate Emigrating to Auckland should, before taking any other step, consult the undersigned respecting the Free Grants of Land which are given to eligible individuals.

Alexander F. Ridgway & Sons,

General Agents to the Provincial Government, 40, Leicester Square, W.C., London, of Whom all Information May be Obtained.