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Voices from Auckland, New Zealand.

Land For Special Settlement

Land For Special Settlement.

This is a mode of (special) settlement which might be carried out very successfully in the Province of Auckland, and in the promotion of which, Capital might be profitably employed. The Provincial Government regarding the scheme with favor, as having experience of its advantages, would endeavor to provide Good Land and Advantageous Locations for such settlements. It would be indispensably necessary, that, should a project of this kind be entertained and realized, an Agent connected with, or authorised by the intending Immigrants, should be sent in advance, in order that he might make choice of a Location. He should be empowered to go to some expense in providing temporary houses on the Land for the Immigrants, and also, to make other necessary arrangements for their reception. The individual Immigrants would be entitled to a selection according to age, of 40 or 20 acres of Land each in such settlement in lieu of the cost of their passage. The Land would be surveyed and ready, sufficient notice having been given beforehand, to be given over to the Immigrants, who might be landed in or near the spot from the vessels in which they arrive, and the little Colony, supposing it to be properly organised and to possess the necessary Capital, and provided with the necessary agricultural implements, might then at once commence operations, and avoid the delay, expense and difficulties which persons too often experience in settling in the Colony. A settlement of this nature should comprise at least from three to five hundred individuals, but under favorable circumstances special settlements of one hundred persons might be successfully established.