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Issue Of Timber Licences

Issue Of Timber Licences.

11.Persons occupying Waste Land of the Crown for the purpose of cutting timber, will be required to pay a fee of £5 yearly upon the issue of the licence.
12.The Commissioner shall determine the extent of land to which such licence shall give a right of occupancy, and the licences shall only have effect within the district specified in them.
13.No fresh applicant for a licence will be permitted injuriously to interfere with a portion of forest upon which any other person may have expended capital and labour.
14.In the event of any occupant of a portion of forest upon which he may have expended any considerable sum in the formation of roads, or improvements to facilitate the removal of timber, wishing to resign his licence, he shall, if in the consideration of the Commissioner he should be regarded as having established a claim to this indulgence, be permitted to transfer his licence and right of pre-occupancy to such person as he may select.
15.All applicants for timber licences must address their applications to the Waste Lands Commissioner, stating their names and residences in full.
16.When the application has been approved, it shall be forwarded to the Receiver of Land Revenue, by whom, upon payment of the required fee, the licence shall be issued.
17.No person will be allowed to cut or remove timber on or from the Crown Lands, which have been reserved by Government for the public use.
18.The form of Timber Licences will be according to Form C hereunto annexed.