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Occupation Of Crown Lands

Occupation Of Crown Lands.

1.All persons requiring Licences for Runs on unoccupied portions of the Crown Lands, or for portions of the same which they now occupy, shall lodge a description of such Run (as near as may be in the form B hereunto annexed) with the Waste Land Commissioner.
2.If no objection exists to the applicant being allowed to occupy such Run, the Commissioner shall thereupon publicly notify that it has been claimed as a Run, and shall at the same time publish in the "Government Gazette" the name of the person claiming the Run, and the description thereof.
3.No person shall be allowed to dispute the claim of another person to any Run applied for under these Regulations unless he shall do so within three months subsequently to the date of the publication above mentioned.
4.After the expiration of three months from the date of the said publication, the applicant shall be required to pay rent for the Run at the rate and in the manner after mentioned, and to distinguish by marked trees or posts, or in such manner as shall be satisfactory to the Commissioner, such boundaries of the Run as are not distinctly defined by streams or natural boundaries.
5.Any person who shall have a Run or any considerable part thereof unoccupied by the requisite amount of stock for a period of six months after he shall have claimed the same, shall be liable to be regarded as having abandoned such Run or part thereof, and if the Commissioner shall find it necessary publicly to notify that such Run or part thereof has been so abandoned, it shall thereupon be given into the occupation of the first applicant for it.

In estimating the sufficiency of Stock for any Run applied for, the Commissioner shall not allow for natural increase in any proportions, with respect to the amount of stock on the Run, greater than those set forth in the following scale:—

For any number of sheep up to 500 inclusive, run to be granted for any number not exceeding 5000 sheep. For every additional 100 between

500and1000500additional sheep.
1000and4000400additional sheep.
4000and5000200additional sheep.
5000and10,000100additional sheep.
page 142And in no case shall a Run be granted capable of containing more than 25,000 sheep. In estimating Runs for great cattle, one head of such cattle shall be rated as six sheep.
7.In case of any questions arising as to attempts to evade the foregoing Regulations, or to obtain unduly the benefits thereof, the Commissioner shall have full power to decide such questions in such manner as may most effectually carry out the true spirit and meaning of such Regulations.
8.So soon after the time at which rent for a Run may have become payable under these Regulations as the occupant may, in the opinion of the Commissioner, have sufficiently stocked the same, he will be entitled to a licence to depasture stock upon it for fourteen years, in the form A, hereunto annexed, and subject to the following conditions:—
1.If at any time during the currency of such licence the land comprised therein, or any part thereof, shall be included within the boundaries of any Hundred, the said licence shall cease and determine as to so much of the land as shall be included within such boundaries from and after the day of the date of the Proclamation by which such Hundred shall be constituted.
2.If at any time during the currency of such licence the land comprised therein, or any part thereof, shall be sold under the provisions of these Regulations, then and in that case also the said licence shall cease and determine as to so much of the land as shall be sold as aforesaid from and after the day of the date of the "Provincial Government Gazette" in which notice of such sales shall be published.
3.The annual licence fee shall be in all cases at least £5; and each person who occupies a Run shall pay annually in addition a further licence fee at the rate of £l sterling for every thousand sheep above five thousand, which the Run so occupied shall be estimated to be capable of containing, and in the same proportion for great cattle, six sheep being rated as one head of great cattle.
4.If at any time during the currency of such licence such annual fees and the said annual assessment shall not be paid by the holder of it, in the manner and at the time required by these Regulations, then and in that case the said licence shall cease and determine, and the Commissioner shall thereupon be empowered to notify publicly the forfeiture of such licence, and to let the Run to which it relates by public auction to the highest bidder for a term of fourteen years, subject to the conditions of these Regulations.
9.No such licence for fourteen years will be granted to any applicant for a Run until he shall have paid all arrears of rent and assessments which may be owing by him for such Run.
10.In the event of any dispute arising between two or more claimants regarding the boundaries of their respective Runs, it shall page 143be in the power of the Commissioner to make such alterations in the boundaries of their runs, or of any of them, as he may upon enquiry judge to be just and expedient.