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Mineral Lands

Mineral Lands.

61.Any person applying for a Lease of Waste Land (other than Town or Suburban Land) whether surveyed or unsurveyed, for the purpose of winning and working the Minerals (other than Gold) therein contained, shall be entitled to the same upon the following terms and conditions:—
1.The Lease shall comprise so much Land as shall, in the opinion of the Commissioner, be necessary for the efficient working of the Minerals, not being less than 20, or more than 80 acres.
2.The term to be granted shall be any number of years, at the option of the Lessee, not exceeding 21.
3.There shall be reserved a Royalty or rent of one-fifteenth of the Minerals to be raised.
4.The Lease shall contain clauses in the usual form introduced into Mining Leases,—1. For securing the payment of the Royalty or rent. 2. For enabling some person on the part of the Lessor from time to time to enter and examine the Mine. 3. For securing the regular, proper, and efficient winning and working of the Minerals. 4. For making void the Lease on breach of the stipulations, on the part of the Lessee, therein contained. 5. For delivering up the property at the termination of the Lease in good tenantable repair. 6. For enabling the Lessee to abandon the working of the Minerals, whenever he shall find the same unprofitable to work, and surrender the Lease.
62.All applications for Leases shall be sent in by the applicant, and dealt with in the same manner as applications for General Country Land.
63.Every applicant for a Mineral Lease shall furnish to the Commissioner, within a time to be fixed by him after the application shall have been granted, a plan and description of the land to be leased; which plan and description shall be made and prepared by a surveyor to be approved of by the Commissioner.page 134
64.The Land comprised in any Mining Lease shall, at the request of the Lessee, at any time after an occupation of three years, be put up to auction at an upset price of 10s. an acre, subject to the Lease thereof already granted.