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Voices from Auckland, New Zealand.

Land for Special Settlement

Land for Special Settlement.

58.It shall be lawful for the Superintendent, from time to time, to declare by Proclamation that a certain Block of Land therein described shall be set apart and reserved for certain Immigrants expected to arrive from the United Kingdom or elsewhere, other than the Australian Colonies.
59.Such land so set apart and reserved shall be sold exclusively to such Immigrants upon the terms and conditions hereinbefore prescribed respectively in reference to page 133Town and Suburban Land and to General Country Land and Credit Land, as the Superintendent may from time to time think fit.
60.It shall be lawful for the Superintendent at any time to revoke any such Proclamation, and the land therein comprised shall thereafter be open to be classified and dealt with as though the same had not been set apart and reserved as aforesaid: Provided always that the validity of any act which shall have been done under such proclamation before the revocation thereof, shall not be affected by such revocation.