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Subsequent Applications

Subsequent Applications.

37.After the day fixed for opening the applications sent in as aforesaid, all the unsold portions of such Country Lands shall be open for sale to the first applicant for the same.
38.Every application must be made in writing to the Commissioner, or his Deputy, during office hours, and must state the area and situation of the allotment, and the number of the same on the map deposited in the Land Office as aforesaid; and no such application shall page 129be entertained unless it be accompanied by a receipt for the purchase-money signed by a Receiver of Land Revenue.
39.The Commissioner, or his Deputy, immediately on receipt of such application, shall, in the presence of the intending purchaser or his agent, if such purchaser or agent desire the same, enter in the minute book to be kept for that purpose the day and hour of the receipt of the application, the name of the purchaser, and the area, situation, and number of the allotment, and the amount paid as the purchase-money of the same.
40.As soon as such entry shall have been so made, the land to which the same shall refer shall be deemed to be sold, and the purchaser thereof entitled to a Crown Grant.