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Country Lands

Country Lands.

26.The Superintendent shall, from time to time, notify a certain day on and after which any Country Land will be open for sale. On and after that day, any person desirous of purchasing any of the same shall send in a written application, during office hours, under a sealed cover, directed to the Commissioner, or to his Deputy, at such place as shall be stated in such notification.
27.Every such application shall state the name of the intending purchaser, the area and situation of the allotment, and the number of the same on the map deposited as aforesaid in the Office of the Commissioner, and shall have legibly endorsed thereon the words "Application for Land," together with the name of the intending purchaser, and the number of acres he proposes to purchase.
28.The purchase-money, after the rate of 10s. per acre, for the quantity of land applied for, shall be paid to a Receiver of Land Revenue, who shall give a receipt in duplicate; and no application shall be entertained unless one of such receipts shall be annexed to the application.
29.The Commissioner or his Deputy shall, on receipt of any such application (and in the presence of the intending purchaser or his agent, if such purchaser or agent should desire the same), enter in a Minute Book, to be kept for that purpose, a minute of the receipt of such application, and of the endorsement thereon.
30.The minutes to be so entered in such book shall be consecutively numbered, from one upwards, and shall set page 128forth the date of the reception of every such application, the name of the intending purchaser, the number of acres which he proposes to purchase, and the amount which he shall have so paid as the purchase-money thereof.
31.Such book shall be open to the public for inspection at all times, during office hours, during which time any person may take a copy of, or extract from, any minute entered therein.
32.The applications so received shall not be opened until noon of the first day appointed in manner aforesaid by the Superintendent for the sale of such country land; on which day no further applications shall be receivable.
33.The Commissioner, or his Deputy, together with a Receiver of Land Revenue, shall, on the day so appointed, and in presence of such of the intending purchasers or their agents as may attend for that purpose, proceed to open all such applications so received.
34.Where it shall appear, on opening the said applications, that but one person has in manner aforesaid given notice of his intention to purchase any one allotment, and that he has duly paid the purchase-money thereof, such purchaser shall be deemed the purchaser of such allotment.
35.But if it should at any time appear that two or more intending purchasers have made applications for the same allotment, and that each of them has duly paid the purchase-money thereof, the said allotment shall forthwith be put up by the Commissioner, or his Deputy, for sale by auction at the upset price of ten shillings an acre, at which sale only the applicants, in person, or by their agents, shall be allowed to bid.
36.The Commissioner, or his Deputy, shall immediately after such auction give to each of the unsuccessful parties, or his agent, an order on a Receiver of Land Revenue for the return of the purchase-money so paid by him in respect of such allotment, and the Receiver shall pay the same on demand accordingly.