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Voices from Auckland, New Zealand.

Town Lands and Suburban Lands

Town Lands and Suburban Lands.

19.Town lands and Suburban lands, excepting such as shall be reserved for public purposes, or for any purpose in this Act specified, shall be offered for sale by public auction at an upset price, to be fixed by the said Superintendent, with the advice and consent of the Executive Council.
20.The Superintendent shall, from time to time, notify in the "Government Gazette" of the province of Auckland, and in such newspapers in the Colony of New Zealand or elsewhere as to him shall seem meet, what lands are to be sold at such public sales, and the upset prices thereof respectively; and such lands shall not be so offered for sale until at least two calendar months shall have elapsed after the first publication of such notification.
21.Such public sales shall be held and conducted by such person at such times, and in such places within the said Province, as the Superintendent shall, by notification in the "Government Gazette" for the Province of Auckland, from time to time nominate and appoint.
22.The purchase-money of each allotment of land sold at such sale shall be paid by the purchaser thereof, or his agent, to a Receiver of Land Revenue as follows; namely, one-fourth of the price thereof, at the time of sale, by way of deposit, and the remaining three-fourths at any time within one calendar month after the sale. In the event of the second payment not being made to such Receiver within the said period of one calendar month, the sale shall be void, and the deposit forfeited.page 127
23.It shall be lawful for any person within twelve calendar months after any such auction, to purchase any land in respect of which the deposit shall have been forfeited as aforesaid, by paying for the same, in cash, the sum for which such land was knocked down at the auction.
24.It shall be lawful for any person within twelve calendar months after any auction, to become the purchaser by private contract of any land so put up for sale as aforesaid and not knocked down to any bidder, on paying for the same, in cash, the upset price at which the same was put up for sale.
25.Provided always, that it shall be lawful for the Superintendent, instead of permitting any land to be purchased, as authorized by the last two clauses, to cause any lands which shall not have been already applied for under the said clauses, to be put up again to auction, giving such notice thereof as is hereinbefore provided in respect of land to be offered at auction.