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Voices from Auckland, New Zealand.

General Regulations

General Regulations.

1.In the construction of this Act the term "Waste Lands" shall mean such lands within the Province of Auckland as are already subject to the disposal of the Provincial Government thereof, and all other lands over which his Excellency the Governor shall hereafter notify, by proclamation in the "New Zealand Gazette," that the Native title has been extinguished.
2.All Waste Lands shall, from and after the day on which this Act shall come into operation, be sold, let, and disposed of as in this Act provided, and not otherwise.
3.Whenever the title to any Native land shall have been extinguished, it shall be lawful for the Governor, within one month thereafter, to permit the Native sellers to purchase, at the rate of 10s. an acre, any portion of such land; and the same, when surveyed, may be conveyed by Crown Grant accordingly.
4.It shall also be lawful for the Governor, if he shall think fit, within three months after the extinguishment of the Native title in any land, to sell and dispose of the same, or any part thereof, to the person or persons at whose instance such extinguishment shall have been effected, for a. sum not less than after the rate of 10s. an acre, with the addition of the price paid to the Natives for the release of their rights in the land sold, and the cost of surveying thereof.
5.For the purpose of carrying out the provisions of this Act there shall be a Waste Land Commissioner (hereinafter called "the Commissioner"), who shall be appointed and be removable by the Superintendent, with the advice and consent of his Executive council.
6.It shall be lawful for the Superintendent, from time to time, to appoint a fit and proper person to act as Deputy for the Commissioner at any place within the Province; page 124and the person so appointed shall have the same powers and authority as the Commissioner, and all acts done by such Deputy shall be as valid as if done by the Commissioner.
7.The Superintendent shall, from time to time, divide such portions of the Waste Lands as are about to be offered for sale into the following or such of the said classes as he shall think fit, viz.:—
1.Town lands,
2.Suburban lands,
3.General country lands,
4.Credit lands,
5.Land for special settlement;
and may from time to time vary, alter, and annul such division, and make a new division thereof: Provided always, that the total quantity of land which shall be notified as open for sale as Credit Land shall not exceed two hundred thousand acres (200,000) in the whole.
8.No land shall be offered for sale, or disposed of by auction or otherwise, until it shall have been properly surveyed and marked off on the ground, and a map thereof deposited as a record in the office (hereinafter called "the Land Office") of the Commissioner, and no larger quantity of land than 320 acres shall be put up for sale by auction in any one lot.
9.Every Allotment of Country Land shall have a frontage to a road, and the Commissioner shall use all due diligence in causing to be selected the most available lines for Roads, with reference to their practical utility as means of communication, and not as mere boundary lines of allotments; he shall also, as far as practicable, lay off the allotments in such manner as to give to each, in proportion to its extent, equal advantages, as nearly as may be, in respect to practicable roads and to wood and water.
10.All Reserves, Streets, Roads, Sections, and Allotments, and other divisions of the Land, shall be so marked off on the ground, and distinguished on the Map thereof, by numbers, or otherwise, as to be easily identified.
11.Corrections shall from time to time be made in every such Map, so as to clearly exhibit, at all times, the lands sold, those about to be offered for sale, and those which are open for selection as hereinafter provided, and also any alterations that may at any time be made in the division of the land thereon delineated.
12.Every such map on which shall be delineated any land about to be offered for sale, and any land open for sale, or an authentic copy of such map, shall be kept in the Land Office, or some other convenient place, open for public inspection at all times during office hours.page 125
13.The Superintendent may from time to time, as to him it shall seem meet, reserve portions of the said lands for public roads, or other internal communications, or for the sites of future towns or villages, or for the sites of places of worship, or public buildings, or of common schools in which shall be taught reading and writing, in English, arithmetic, and English grammar, or as endowments for the maintenance of such common schools, or for charitable purposes, or as places for the interment of the dead, or for the recreation and amusement of the inhabitants of any town or village, or as the sites of public quays or landing places on the sea coast, or on shores of navigable streams, or for any other purpose of public utility, convenience, health, or enjoyment.
14.In every town or village set apart, there shall be at least ten allotments, containing as nearly as may be one half of an acre each, reserved in the most eligible situation, as sites for places of worship; and as soon as any allotments in such town or village have been declared open for sale, the Superintendent shall, by notification in the "Provincial Government Gazette," invite the representatives of the several religious bodies recognised as having officiating Ministers residing within the Province, coming within the provisions of the "Marriage Act," who may wish to obtain sites for places of worship, to make to the Commissioner, on or before a day to be named, written application for one of such allotments; and at noon of the Monday following the day appointed for such application, the priority of the right of selection shall be decided by lot by the Commissioner, in the presence of the parties applying, or their representatives, if any shall attend.
15.All such reserved lands, with the exception of such as shall be reserved as sites of Towns and Villages, may, upon the request of the Superintendent, be granted by the Governor to any Body Corporate, or to any person or persons gratuitously to be held in trust for the public uses for which the same were reserved, and no other.
16.Any person who, for a period of five years prior to the Ninth day of March, 1858, had resided on land, over which the Native Title had not been extinguished, shall, at any time within three months after such title shall be extinguished, be entitled to select an allotment of land of such form as the Commissioner shall prescribe, containing any number of acres not exceeding three hundred, including and adjacent to the site on which such person shall have resided.
17.Such allotment shall be sold to the person so selecting the same as aforesaid upon the same terms and conditions page 126as are hereinafter prescribed in respect of Credit Land, and any improvements at any time made on the land so selected before the selection thereof, shall be deemed and taken as part of the improvements required to be made in respect of Credit Land under this Act.
18.Any person who may have been put in possession of and bonâ fide occupied land under the Special Occupation clauses of the Auckland Land Regulations, dated February, 1855, shall be entitled to purchase the same at the price of 10s. an acre, at any time before the termination of his lease, and upon payment of the price thereof as aforesaid, and of all rent due up to the date of payment, he shall be entitled to receive a Crown Grant for the same, and shall be relieved from all liabilities entailed upon him by the Special Occupation clauses of the Regulations aforesaid.