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Voices from Auckland, New Zealand.

From the Commercial Record in the New Zealander, May 3rd, 1861

page 118

From the Commercial Record in the New Zealander, May 3rd, 1861.

Messrs. Cheeseman report that their weekly sale of Live Stock, at Newmarket, during the past month, have been well attended by buyers, and all descriptions of Cattle offered changed hands at satisfactory prices. The Fat market is firmer, and both sheep and cattle have slightly advanced. There is still a demand for good Dairy Cows, and high figures are given. The average prices for each description sold are as follow: Fat Steers and Cows, £10 15s.; Store Cattle, £7 14s.; Dairy Cows, £12 10s.; Fat Sheep, 22s. 6d.; Lambs, 21s.; Calves, £2 14s. 6d.

Hunter, Cochrane & Co. report, at a sale of Dairy Cows and young Stock, held on Friday last, at the Farm of Messrs. Henderson and Tuck, Mangarie, a good attendance of buyers, Dairy Covrs fetched £11 17s. 6d. to £14 10s., for which there was a very sound competition. A lot of mixed Heifer and Bull Calves sold for 37s. 6d. each. Other lots of Heifers fetched, respectively, £2 7s. 6d. to £3 2s. 6d., £4 12s. 6d., £5 5s., and £6. Bay Horse, £16 10s., Spring Cart, £13 5s., &c.

Hunter, Cochrane & Co. report, at their sale of Horse Stock, held at the Greyhound Yard, on Saturday last, that a fair average number were driven in for sale. A small number only changed hands, at about late value. Owners generally are holding for higher prices.

Hunter, Cochrane & Co. report, at their sale of Live Stock, held at their Yards, Newmarket, on Tuesday last; the market was barely stocked with Fat Cattle; graziers holding the opinion that beef will be dearer, consequently desirous of holding on their stocks. The Fat Cattle sold realized somewhat better prices. Store Stock ruled low; and many were withdrawn, not coming up near their value. A good market of Fat Sheep and Lambs, which realized about late rates. Store Sheep sold fairly; and Fat Pigs sold well.

Mr. Alfred Buckland reports his sale at Newmarket to have been fairly supplied with Fat Cattle; thirty head were sold at an advance of from 20s. to 30s. each over last week's prices, but owing to the inclemency of the weather there were no Store Stock brought forward; a fair market of Fat Sheep numbering 160 also realized an advance of 2s. per head.

Landed Property.—At the sale of Real Estate, &c., by Samuel Cochrane, Brother & Co., on Saturday, 27th ult., one of the properties of Mr. George Simpkins, near the junction of the Panmure with the Great South Road, was brought to the hammer.

Lot 1, about 61 acres, rough scoria, was bought by Messrs. D. Nathan & Co. at £4 per acre. Lot 2, seven acres, good cleared scoria land, fenced and with numerous buildings, &c., after spirited competition became the property of W. H. Turner, Esq., Solicitor, for £335. Lot 3, being the interest in a leasehold of the adjoining hospital reserve, and having over ten years to run, at an annual rental of £9, was finally knocked down to Mr. W. Hc-bson for £220. Lots 4 and 5 were purchased by Mr. George May at the rate of £14 per acre, amounting to the sum of £1041. Two acres in Howick brought £40, and small lots in Dunstown £5 each.

At the sale on the previous Saturday a farm in Manurewa of 92 acres belonging to Mr. T. P. Barber, was sold to Mr. Petingale at £6 17s. 6d. per acre, and a lot of 43 acres in the same neighbourhood was purchased for £100.

"Waiuku versus Yorkshire.—We are much pleased to find that at length New Zealand can compete successfully with the old country in the curing and manufacturing of the unclean animal into sightly sides of bacon and tempting hams. S. Cochrane, Brother & Co. sold at auction last Friday, a small lot of scarcely a ton, cured by Mr. H. Robinson of Waiuku, which brought 14d. per lb., while a shipment of York hams some time before could not be cleared out at 1s. 1d.