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Voices from Auckland, New Zealand.

Current Rate of Wages at Auckland in April 1860, — subject to fluctuations

Current Rate of Wages at Auckland in April 1860,
subject to fluctuations.

Bakers from 20s. to 30s. per week, with board and lodging.

Bricklayers, 10s. to 12s. per day.

Blacksmiths, if able to shoe, &c. and do all sorts of country work, 8s. to 9s. per day.

Carpenters (House), Joiners, Wheelwrights, &c., from 7s. to 10s. per day.

Farm Servants (single), from £26 to £40 per annum, with board and lodging.

Ditto (married couples), £50 per annum, with board and lodging.

Glaziers and Painters, 8s. to 10s. per day.

Female (domestic) servants, from £20 to £30 per annum.

Labourers, (in town) 5s. per day.

Ditto, (in country) 4s. per day.

Masons, 10s. to 12s. per day.

Sawyers, 6s. to 18s. per 100 superficial feet.

Shoemakers and Tailors earn on an average about 7s. 6d. per day.

Tinsmiths and Plumbers, 9s. to 10s. per day.

Working men in town work only eight hours per day.

Clearing Forest Land, is usually done by contract; cutting down all the undergrowth, and all trees not exceeding three feet in diameter, is generally contracted for, at from 37s. 6d. to 40s. per acre; heavily timbered land—cutting down all trees not exceeding four feet in diameter—40s. to 45s. per acre; or, cutting all down, 50s. per acre. A man accustomed to such work can fall at least one acre per week. Fern Land about 8s. per acre.

Good Ploughmen, Maid Servants, and Married Couples fit to manage a Dairy, are in demand. Young lads, belonging to families about to emigrate, should learn to milk.