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Voices from Auckland, New Zealand.

Outfit, &c

Outfit, &c.

Passengers must find Mattrasses (which should be new, if possible, and of the following dimensions:—For Men, 6 feet by 20 inches; Women, 5 feet 9 inches by 18 inches; Married Couples, 6 feet by 3 feet; Children, according to size), Bolsters, Blankets, and Counterpanes; Canvas Bags, to contain Linen, &c.; Knives, Forks, Spoons, Metal Plates, Hook Pots, Drinking Mugs, Water Can, &c.; also necessary Clothing, which will be inspected at the Port of Embarkation.

For Males.
6 Shirts. 6 Pair Stockings. 2 Warm Flannel or Guernsey Shirts.
2 Pair New Shoes. 2 Complete Suits strong Exterior Clothing.
For Females.
6 Shifts. 2 Warm & strong Flannel Petticoats. 6 Pair Stockings.
2 Pair strong Shoes. 2 Strong Gowns, one of which must be warm.
For Childeren.
7 Shirts or Shifts. 4 Warm Flannel Waistcoats. 1 Warm Cloak, or Outside Coat.
6 Pair Stockings. 2 Pair strong Shoes. 2 Complete Suits Exterior Clothing.

Also 3 Sheets for each Berth, and 4 Towels and 2 lbs. Marine Soap for each person.

Emigrants ought not have less than the above outfit; but the larger the stock of clothing the better for health and comfort during the voyage. It is not necessary that it should be new clothing, but it must be in good order, and cleanliness especially be observed.

Luggage can be put on board in the Docks, on payment of charges, a few days before the sailing of the Ship, when parties having families may find it convenient to prepare for embarking; but they must observe that Rations page 115are not issued until the day of Embarkation. The whole quantity of Baggage for each Adult, allowed free of charge, is 10 cubic or solid feet measurement, not exceeding ¼ a ton in weight. Freight must be paid for Extra Luggage, at the rate of about 2s. per cubic foot. All Luggage should be distinctly marked in paint with the name of the Passenger, and the Ship, and whether "wanted" or "not wanted" on the voyage.

The Ship Brokers employ a respectable Licensed Agent at the Docks to take charge of and ship Emigrants' Baggage, and his small Fee and Dock Charges must be paid.

Emigrants can find Lodging with Mr. T. Shelton, 6, Sparrow Corner, Minories (near Tower Hill), and other persons near the Docks.

The Captain of a ship is supreme, and, with the aid of the Surgeon, regulates the comforts of Passengers; and it is the self-interest and duty of them to report to the Captain any acts of impropriety which come under their notice, and to do everything in their power to preserve cleanliness and good order during the voyage.

No class of Passengers can expect to be without occasional discomforts on board of any ship, nor can they reasonably look for a constant weighing or measuring out of "a Shylock pound of flesh."