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Voices from Auckland, New Zealand.

Provisions, &c

Provisions, &c.

Provisions, Medical Attendance, Cooking, and Cooking Utensils, are supplied on Board without charge to Passengers. The following is the Dietary Scale For Each Adult Per Week.

Women receive the same Rations as Men; Children between 1 and 12, one-half; Infants under 1 year, no Rations.

Preserved Meat. Beef. Pork. Biacult. Flour. Rice. Peas. Oatmeal. Raw Sugar. Lime Juice. Tea.
lb. 1 lb. 1¼ lb. 1 lbs. 3½ lbs. 3 lb. ½ pint. ½ pint. 1 lb. 1 ozs. 6 oz. 1½
Coffee. Butter. Raisins. Suet. Pickles or Vinegar. Mustard. Pepper. Salt. Potatoes, Fresh or Preserved. Water.
ozs. 2 ozs. 6 lb. ½ ozs. 6 pint. ¼ oz. ½ oz. ¼ ozs. 2 lbs. 2 lb. ½ qts. 21

The following substitutions may be made, at the option of the Captain, for 1 lb. of Biscuit or Bread, viz:—5 lbs. Potatoes, or ½ lb. Preserved Potatoes, 1 lb. Oatmeal, or 1 lb. Rice. For Children and Infants an equivalent quantity of Sago, Flour, Rice, Raisins, Suet, and Sugar, will be substituted for Salt Meat, if required.

Emigrants would do well to provide themselves, in addition, if they can, with a Ship's Filter, Onions, Bacon, Cheese, Cod Fish Hooks and Lines, a Fiddle, old Newspapers, cheap Books, Needles, Thread, &c.