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Voices from Auckland, New Zealand.

[The New Zealand Customs Duties Act, 1858]

page 113

"The New Zealand Customs Duties Act, 1858," repeals all previous duties, and declares the existing tariff to be as follows:

s. d.
1. Ale, Beer, Cider, and Perry, in wood the gallon 0 6
Ale, Beer, Cider, and Perry, in bottle the gallon 1 0
2. Cigars and Snuff the pound 3 0
3. Coffee, Chicory, Cocoa, and Chocolate the pound 0 3
4. Cutlery, Hardware, Hollow-ware, Ironmongery of all sorts, and Candles and Soap of all sorts the cwt. 3 0
5. Fire-arms of every description each 5 0
6. Gunpowder the pound 0 3
7. Manufactures of Silk, Cotton, Linen and Woollen, and all articles manufactured therefrom, Drapery, Haberdashery, Hosiery, Millinery, Furs, Hats, Boots, Shoes, Dried Fruits, Oilman's Stores of all kinds, Plate & Plated Ware (measuring outside the packages), the cubic foot 4 0
8. Spirits and Strong Waters, of every kind, sweetened or otherwise, of any strength not exceeding the strength of proof by Sykes' Hydrometer, and so on in proportion for any greater strength than the strength of proof the gallon 9 0
9. Sugar, raw & refined, of all kinds, and Treacle & Molasses, the pound 0 1
10. Tea the pound 0 4
11. Tobacco the pound 1 6
12. Wine, in wood and bottle, containing less than 25 per cent of alcohol, of a specific gravity of °825, at the temperature of 60 degrees, Fahrenheit's thermometer the gallon 3 0

Duty Free.

Anchors and Chains, and Rod, Bolt, Bar, Sheet, Hoop and Pig Iron, and Nails, Sailcloth, Cordage, Twine, Cotton Yarn, Bags, Sacks, and Woolpacks, Spirits of Tar and Turpentine, Tobacco for Sheepwash, Huts of all kinds, Powder, fit only for blasting purposes, and all other Goods, Wares, and Merchandise, excepting those above enumerated.