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Voices from Auckland, New Zealand.

How to Settle

page 85

How to Settle.

To the Editor of the New Zealander.

Sir,—The suggestion of "Old Practical," in your last, that parties should make arrangements to locate in communities (and if I remember rightly, suggested by "Uncle John," in one of his letters) I had an idea of, when I advertised a Registry for "Land Grants" in June last.

I now beg to intimate that I am prepared to enter fully into any suggestions made in furtherance of such an object, and to devote my inner office here, as a room in which immigrants could meet and consult each other; and none but registered order-holders to be admitted.

I will be most happy to receive any suggestion from "Old Practical," or any one else, being quite a "New Practical myself."

I have, &c.,

Geo. R. Laurence,

September 8th, 1859. Wyndham-street.