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Voices from Auckland, New Zealand.

Cheap First Homes

Cheap First Homes.

We have already stated that Mr. Bunting—a new-comer—has acted upon our suggestion of the desirability of showing at how cheap a rate "first homes" could be supplied to new-comers and other working settlers, particularly where there is near available land or water carriage. Where such means of carriage are not so ready to hand, or where Natives or friendly settlers are located in a district, there a commodious raupo house could no doubt be erected quite as cheaply and speedily. And where the new-comer and his sons are at all skilful in the use of tools, then they could not do better than act on the hints thrown out for their advantage by our friend "Old Practical," respecting "Slab Houses." But wherever there is fair land or water approach to a settlement, there we are convinced it will be found true economy, both of money and time, for new-comers to provide themselves with such a "first home" as we have suggested.

Holding this conviction strongly, and being fortified in it by the most intelligent of our fellow colonists, we are glad to be able to announce that another kind of "first home" has been designed by Mr. Sanderson, and now lies for inspection at the Waste Lands Office. The house is to be 14 feet by 10 feet—7 feet walls—the roof sloping up about 3 feet. It will have a door, two windows, and a plate for stove-piping to pass through. It consists of some 196 pieces, all fitted one into another, and so arranged that the whole can be conveniently packed, conveniently humped even through a bush cutting, and easily put up in the course of a day. The total cost to the purchaser, we learn, should not exceed some £14 or £15. Accompanying the plan is an estimate of the exact quantity of material required. A house, built from this plan, will shortly be ready for inspection in some public place.

New Zealander.