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Voices from Auckland, New Zealand.

Population of New Zealand, in December 1859

page 19

Population of New Zealand, in December 1859.

The European population of New Zealand at the end of 1859, exclusive of the military and naval forces and their families, was:—
Auckland 21,686
Wellington 13,044
Canterbury 12,784
Nelson and Marlborough 10,178
Otago 9,010
New Plymouth, Taranaki 2,726
Hawke's Bay 2,028
Stewart's Island 52
Total Europeans, exclusive of military and their families 71,508
The Military and their families 1,835
General Total 73,343
Total Natives in all parts of New Zealand 56,049
So that the European population exceeded that of the Natives by 17,294

Of the above numbers the sexes are thus divided:—
European males 41,055
European females 30,453
Deficiency of females 10,602

The military and their families in New Zealand in December, 1859:
Males 1,397
Females 438
Males in excess of females 959
Which, added to the 10,602
Makes a total of—
Male European population in excess of female 11,561

The sexes of the natives are stated to be:—
Males 31,667
Females 24,303
Sex not stated 79
Total Natives 56,049

So that, reckoning Europeans and Natives, the female population in the islands of New Zealand amounted to 17,866 less than the male population.