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Voices from Auckland, New Zealand.

From the New Zealander, May 26th, 1860

From the New Zealander, May 26th, 1860.

From official Returns, published in the Provincial Government Gazette, we learn that in the month of January last the sales of Waste Lands in this Province amounted to 9842 acres, 1 rood, and 17 perches. That the sum of £1341 16s. 6d. was received in cash, and £1007 10s. in Scrip, and that Land Orders for 7092 acres were exercised. There remained at the close of that month, according to the Returns furnished by the Deputy Waste Land Commissioner at Auckland and Mongonui, 48,607 acres surveyed and open for sale or selection.

In the following month, February, the Return shows that 4795 acres were disposed of, for which were received £1024 16s. 6d. in cash, £1470 7s. 6d. in Scrip, and Land Orders for 3920 acres. On the 29th of February, there remained open for sale or selection, 43,812 acres.

The Land Sales for the month of March, according to the official Returns prepared for publication, and which are now before us, amounted to 9380 acres, 3 roods, and 20 perches. The cash receipts were £1800 3s. 6d.; Scrip £104 10s.; whilst Land Orders for 7464 acres were exercised.

It thus appears that, during the Quarter ending March 31st ult., 24,018 acres, 2 roods, and 37 perches of land were disposed of by the Provincial Government; that £4166 16s. was received in cash; that the sum £2582 7s. 6d. in Scrip of the Land Claims Court, was taken, and that Land Orders for 18,576 acres were exercised. There remained on the 31st March, 55,656 acres, surveyed and open for sale or selection.

It will be evident from these figures that, notwithstanding the large requirements made upon the Waste Land Department, the supply of surveyed land has been kept, steadily and unceasingly, in excess of the demand. On the 30th April, 1859, the quantity open for selection was but 27, 760, and now, after so many months active operation, during which 62,939 acres have been disposed of, the quantity of land remaining ready for sale has been more than doubled.

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From these figures it will be also seen that the process of settlement goes steadily on, unaffected by the untoward state of the relations of the Government of the Colony with the Native tribes at Taranaki. Northward from, and in the neighbourhood of, Auckland, where at present the work of forming new settlements is principally carried on, the Natives are perfectly loyal and peaceful. Tamati Waka Nene, and his friends at the Bay of Islands, have even offered to take up arms on behalf of the Queen, if necessary.