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The Whaling Journal of Captain W. B. Rhodes: Barque Australian of Sydney 1836 - 1838

3. List of Stores on board the 'Australian'

3. List of Stores on board the 'Australian'

Indent of Salt Provisions required for the Barque Australian for Nine Months or 277 Days. Other Stores as per inventory for Twelve Months' Crew to consist of thirty three Persons and the Rations for each to be as follows:–

Salt Beef 1½ lbs per diem. Pork 1¼ lbs. Bread 1 lb

Flour ½ lb per diem for 3 days per week

Pease ½ a pint Do. 2 Do.
Rice ½ lb Do. 2 Do.

Sugar 1½ lb pr. week. Tea ¼ lb. Vinegar ½ pint pr. week Spirrits 2 Glasses per diem or 1 Quart per week.

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Harpooned Whales Breaching[From Life and Adventure in the South Pacific]

Harpooned Whales Breaching
[From Life and Adventure in the South Pacific]

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32 Tierces of Beef 336 lbs each 19726
18 Barrels Pork 200 lbs Do. 3619
Biscuit 13,249
Flour 2831
Rice about 14 Bags, 133 Lbs 1887
Pease 118 Gallons 472 Quarts
Spirrits 472 Gallons
Vinegar 110 Do.
Piccled Cabbage, Fruit

N.B. 10 Per Cent is allowed on the above for Wastage or about 25 days extra.

Sydney, April 13th, 1836

e. & o.e.

W. B. Rhodes,

For 12 months Salt Provisions the rule was as under:–

42 Tierces Salt Beef 336 lbs ea. 14210 lbs
24 Barrels Pork ea. 4719
18929 lbs
Extra Stores Wanted
1 Pipe Brandy
1 Cases Gin
12 Doz. Wine
30 Doz. Ale or Porter
2 Doz. Mustard
3 Doz. Piccles
100 lbs. Fruit or Preserves
25 lbs. Black Pepper
2 Tons Salt
2 Bags Coffee
6 Kegs Piccled Tripe
5 Cwt Potatoes
50 Tins Preserved Meats and Soups
6 Barrels Cabin Biscuits
2 Bags 2 Bags fine sugar
2 Doz. Bottles Chollaride of Lime
1 lb. Spices Assorted