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The Whaling Journal of Captain W. B. Rhodes: Barque Australian of Sydney 1836 - 1838

9. J. R. Clendon to Captain Rhodes

page 102

9. J. R. Clendon to Captain Rhodes

6th May, 1837 Bay of Islands

Captain Rhodes,
Bark Australian

Dear Sir,

As your ship has now been ready for sea nine days during which time every exertion has been used to complete your crew without effect—although a bounty independent of advance has been offered—I consider it my duty to request that you will give the case your most serious consideration upon which you will allow me to offer one or two remarks. First, you should bear in mind that your owners have been at a great additional expense in sending you another six months' stores and that you have now on board at least 12 mths. provisions. Should you go to Sydney to complete your crew the chances are that those on board would leave and you would have a full crew to ship with considerable expense and loss of time—and the uncertainty as to whether you could obtain a crew as the Montreal (Skeys) has put into this port for men not having been able to get them in Sydney. The season also would be far advanced for Bay Whaling, even should you accomplish your object.

I have carefully perused your instructions which certainly are decisive that you should pursue Black Whaling, but as you have not and cannot get a sufficient crew for that purpose I should recommend as a last measure that you make known to your crew that every means has been tried to complete the crew for Bay Whaling, and that you intend to proceed to the Southward immediately for that purpose, and should they still refuse to proceed to the Bays unless more hands are procured, you must either return to Sydney, or proceed on a Sperm Whaling Voyage. I hope for the interest of your owners page 103you will decide on the latter, in which case you will not fail to write them every particular that they may effect insurance accordingly.

I remain
Dear Sir,
Your Obed. Servt,

James R. Clendon