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Creating a National Spirit: Celebrating New Zealand's Centennial


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Acknowledgements 8
Preface 9
Jim Collinge
Introduction 13
Part I: The Centennial Exhibition
1 Business as Unusual: Managing and Funding the Centennial Exhibition 25
Gavin McLean
2 New Zealand Displayed: Anscombe's Exhibition Design 39
William Toomath
3 The Highway to Health and Happiness in the Government Court 54
John E. Martin
4 Maori Buildings for the Centennial 65
Bernard Kernot
5 Broadcasting the Centennial 77
Patrick Day
6 'Hurrah for Playland!' 87
Gavin McLean
Part II: Centennial Memorials
7 Reclaiming Waitangi 99
William Renwick
8 Commemorating other Places and Days 112
William Renwick
9 Auckland's Remembrance of Times Past 128
Russell Stone
10 Scholefield's Dictionary 139
Shirley Tunnicliff
11 The Uncompleted Centennial Atlas 149
Malcolm McKinnon
12 History and Romance: The Making of the Centennial Historical Surveys 161
Rachel Barrowman
13 Making New Zealand: Pictorial Surveys of a Century 178
William Renwick
14 'Touching the Mind of the Country': J. C. Beaglehole and the Design of the Centennial Publications 193
Sydney J. Shep
15 Myth and Anti-myth in Literary Responses to the Centennial 207
Lawrence Jones
16 Centennial Exhibitions of Art 222
Roger Blackley
17 Centennial Music 232
Allan Thomas
18 'A More Democratic Basis': Centennial Drama 246
David Carnegie and Sue Dunlop
19 One Hundred Crowded Years: The Centennial Film 260
William Renwick
Afterword 272
Reading the 1940 Centennial
Jock Phillips
Contributors 284
Index 286