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Yesterdays in Maoriland


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Readers will find some of the more solid scientific results of Reischek's work embodied in the Transactions and Proceedings of the New Zealand Institute, 1881-1888 inclusive, and throughout the second and subsequent editions of Sir Walter L. Buller's monumental work on The Birds of New Zealand.

The following papers appear in the name of Andreas Reischek, F.L.S., in the Transactions:

1881. (Vol. XIV.)

'Notes on Zoological Researches made on the Chicken Islands, East Coast of the North Island.' (Communicated by Professor von Haast, Ph.D., F.R.S.) Pages 274-277.

1884. (Vol. XVII.)

'Notes on New Zealand Ornithology.' (Communicated by Sir James Hector.) Pages 187-188.

1885. (Vol. XVIII.)

'Observations on Pogonornis cincta (Tiora),' pp. 84-87. 'Observations on Procellaria parkinsoni (Brown Petrel),' pp. 87-90. 'Observations on Procellaria gouldi (Gould's Petrel),' pp. 90-91. 'Observations on Procellaria cooki (Cook's Petrel),' pp. 92-93. 'Observations on Puffinus gavius (Rain-bird),' pp. 93-97. 'Observations on Puffinus assimilis (Totorore); their Habits and Habitats,' pp. 95-96. 'Observations on the Habits of New Zealand Birds, their Usefulness or Destructiveness to the Country,' pp. 96-104. 'Notes on the Habits of some New Zealand Birds.' (Communicated by Professor Parker.) Pages 105-107. 'Observations on Sphenodon punctatum (Tuatara),' pp. 108-110. 'Notes on the Habits of the Polecat, Ferret, Mongoose, Stoat, and Weasel,' pp. 108-109.

1886. (Vol. XIX.)

'Description of the Little Barrier or Hauturu Island, the Birds which inhabit it, and the Locality as a Protection to them,' pp. 181-184. 'Notes on Ornithology,' pp. 184-188. 'Ornithological Notes,' pp. 188-193.

1887. (Vol. XX.)

'Recent Explorations North of Chalky Sound, West Coast of Otago' (Proceedings of Wellington Philosophical Society), p. 441.

1888. (Vol. XXI.)

'The Habits and Home of Diomedia exulans (Wandering Albatross),' pp. 126-128. 'Notes on the Islands to the South of New Zealand,' pp. 378-389.

The following papers may also be referred to, as they deal with Reischek's observations:

1883. (Vol. XV.)

'On some Rare Species of New Zealand Birds.' By Walter L. Buller. Pages 315-318.

page 312

1889. (Vol. XXII.)

'Notes on the Wandering Albatross.' By Sir Walter Buller, K.C.M.G.

References to Reischek in Buller's Birds of New Zealand (second and subsequent editions) include:

Vol. I. — Black-wattled Crow (pp. 3-4); Creadion carunculatus (p. 19); Jack-bird (pp. 22-23); Bush-warbler (p. 50); White-head (p. 54); Bell-bird (p. 82); Ti-ora (pp. 103-105); Rock-wren p. 112); Rifleman (p. 114); Orange-fronted Parakeet (p. 146); Kaka (pp. 153-154); Kakapo (p. 178 and pp. 188-189); New Zealand Quail-hawk (p. 216); and Bush-hawk (p. 224).

Vol. II. — Notornis mantelli (p. 93); North Island Wood-hen (p. 107); Black Wood-hen (p. 114); Brown Wood-hen (p. 115); Pied Shag (p. 152); Sooty Albatross (p. 205); Cook's Petrel (p. 218); White-headed Petrel (p. 219); Allied Shearwater (p. 239); Black Petrel (pp. 243-244); Grey-faced — or Gould's — Petrel (p. 246); Grey-backed Storm-petrel (p. 247); Brown Duck (p. 258); Blue Duck (pp. 277-278); Blue Penguin (p. 301); South Island Kiwi (p. 326).