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The Kia ora coo-ee : the magazine for the ANZACS in the Middle East, 1918


"Sarg": In July "K.O.C." appeas a photograph entitled "The Dorkey Corps". It is evidently a picture of those fortunate donks that are attached to Regiments, technical units, etc. But there is a dinkum "Donkey Corps". Hundreds of these marvellous animals are employed about the Jordan Valley and else-where, packing broken stone from the place of its origin to where it is required to eliminate pitfalls in roads that are too steep for lorry traffic. They also perform other humble duties. These donks, of course, are handled by Gyppos, six or so per man, and appear to be a much more likeable set than the pestiferous, bubbling camels. The donk's gear consists of a service able pack-saddle and a lead halter. The panniers are constructed from ration boxes and are masterpieces of joinery; one may see emblazoned on their sides "48 TIns Ideal", and similar legends. They are a jolly crowd, these donks, and their white, sincere faces tend to inspire confidence in their ability to leave their mark, if only on the voluminous breeches of some luckless driver.