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The Kia ora coo-ee : the magazine for the ANZACS in the Middle East, 1918


page 6


Lieut. W. K. King, M.C., A.L. H., who was killed in action on July 14th., enlisted at Hughenden, Queensland, in February, 1915, and received his commission in May, 1917. He was awarded the M. C. for gallantry and devotion to duty in the Field, in May last. He served four months on Gallipoli and also took part in the fighting in Sinai and Palestine.

Sgt. Oswald Hillam Coulson, 1st. Squadr-on, A.F.C., for his work in connection with the Photographic Section of the Squadron has been awarded the Meritorious Service Medal. He is at present attached to H. Q. 40th Wing, R.A.F.

Sgt. W. Cruickshank, A.L.H., has been awarded the D.C. M. for distinguished ser-vices in connection with military operations with the British Forces in Egypt. He en-listed at Melbourne in September, 1914, and was on Gallipoli. Sgt. Cruickshank joined the Officers' Cadet School, Zeitoun, in Ja-nuary last.

Staff-Sgt. C.L. Downe, A.A. Postal Corps, has been awarded the Meritorious Service Medal in recognition of valuable services rendered with the Forces in Egypt. He enlisted in September, 1914, at Melbourne, and served on Gallipoli. He was mention-ed in despatches in June, 1917.

Mrs W.Barry (nee McClure), wife of Sgt.-Major Barry of the 10th. C.M.R., who came from New Zealand under Miss Ettie Rout's voluntary sisterhood scheme some three years ago, is shortly returning to New Zealand. Lately she has conducted a much appreciated soldiers' club at Ismailia, and previously did yeoman service at the Giza Red Cross Hospital.

Wanting but a few days to complete four years' strenuous service, the career of Lieu-tenant T. J. Lang, Field Cashier to the N.Z.M.R. Brigade, was brought to a close in the Nasrieh General Hospital, on July 18th. He left Jericho for Cairo on business, and upon arrival in the capital he was admitted to hospital, dangerously ill. With-in twenty-four hours malignant malaria and pneumonia had claimed a victim. His remains were laid to rest in Old Cairo Military Cemetery with full Military hon-ours.

The Military Cross has been awarded to Lieut. V.E. Adolph of the 16th Coy., I.C.C., who died of wounds received in recent fighting in Palestine. Lieut. Adolph, who enlisted a few days after war broke out, was on the Peninsula with the Auck-land Mounted Rifles and gradually went up the scale of N.C.O. rank until he was trans-ferred to the Camels as C.S.M., and a few days later was commissioned.

Staff-Sergt. L.L.P. Brabant, who is in charge of the New Zealand Base Post Office at Kantara, has been awarded the Meritorious Service Medal.

Brigadier-General Granville De Laune Ryrie, C.B., C.M.G., V.D., was born at Micalgo, N.S.W., in 1865. As a young man, he was prominent in athletics, especially boxing and swimming. He raised a troop in the First Australian Horse Regiment, over 20 years ago; it was purely volunteer. He went to South Africa a Senior Captain in the 6th Imperial Bushmen, and was se-verely wounded at Wonderfontein. As a Major, he returned to Australia, and was given command of the 3rd Australian Light Horse Regiment, with the Rank of Lieut.-Colonel, retaining the position for seven years. On the outbreak of the present war
Brig.-Cen. G. De L. RYRIE, C.B., C.M.C., V.D.

Brig.-Cen. G. De L. RYRIE, C.B., C.M.C., V.D.

General Ryrie volunteered, and on Sep-tember 19th., 1914, was given command of the 2nd L.H. Brigade. When on Gallipoli he was twice wounded. He has been men-tioned in despatches five times, and on January 1st. last, was appointed C.B. for distinguished service in the Field, and was also awarded the Colonial Auxilliary Forces Officers' Decoration. General Ryrie has taken an active part in politics. After representing a country constituency in N.S.W. for five years, he re-igned, and sec-ured North Sydney, one of the most impor-tant of Federal seats, which he holds at the present time.