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The Kia ora coo-ee : the magazine for the ANZACS in the Middle East, 1918

Anzac Day

Anzac Day.

If will have been noticed in recent cables, that the Returned Soldiers' Imperial League holding its annual meeting for Australia, decided that Anzac Day should be kept as a Public Holiday and observed solemnly. The movement for the observance of Anzac Day originated in Queensland, where it was decided that the day should be kept solemnly, sports and social gatherings to be avoided. The Public of Queensland endorsed this decision, as was shown by the fact that, though Anzac Day was kept on a week-day, the Churches at the morning Service were fuller than at any other week-day service in the history of the State, each denomination! remembering its dead according to its own religious ideas. In the evening were held public meetings of a solemn character, during which a minute's silence was observed as a remembrance of our fallen heroes, and where practicable, the Dead March in Saul was played. It is intended in Cairo to hold an Australasian observance of Auzac Day. All Saints' Church has been made available for the purpose, and a service will be held in the early part of the day. Senior Chaplain the Rev. Maitland Woods, V.D., has been invited to deliver the sermon, he having been on Anzac. After the service in the Church, a visit will be paid to the Cemetery, where another service will be held, and flowers placed on the graves. A luncheon will be given to all "Anzacs", in the Australian Soldiers' Club, and it is hoped that in the evening a solemn meeting will be held.