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The Kia ora coo-ee : the magazine for the ANZACS in the Middle East, 1918

Swinging The Lead

page 11

Swinging The Lead.

Said the soldier to the Surgeon, " I've got noises in me head
And a kind o' filled up feeling after every time I'm fed;
I can sleep all night on picqet, but I can't sleep in my bed".
And the Surgeon said,
"That's Lead!"

Said the Soldier to the Surgeon, " Do you think they'll send me back?
For I really ain't adapted to be carrying a pack,
Though I've humped a case of whisky half a mile upon my back".
And the Surgeon said,
"That's Lead!"

"And my legs have swelled up cruel, I can hardly walk at all,
But when the Taubes come over you should see me start to crawl;
When we're sprinting for the dug-out, I can easy beat 'em all".
And the Surgeon said,
"That's Lead."

So they sent him to the trenches where he landed safe and sound,
And he drew his ammunition, just about two fifty round:
"Oh, Sergeant, what's this heavy stuff I've got to hump around?"
And the Sergeant said,
"That's Lead!"