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The Kia ora coo-ee : the magazine for the ANZACS in the Middle East, 1918


"Oreb": Talking of souvenirs, I don't go nap on any of the ordinary kind which lose their interest after they have been looked at once or twice. What I hope to take home to the girl I left behind me in Aussie, is a live chameleon —a dinkum souvenir. My girl maynot cotton to it at first, but after a while she'll imshi her pampered poodle or Persian cat in favour of the litre quick-colour-change artist that mops up flies with an elastic tongue. Since I lobbed over here, I've owned several chameleons; but I've had to part with each in turn owing to the exigency of active service. Still, it is pretty easy to get specimens; you. can even buy them sometimes. On Cairo railway station once, I saw a Gyppo with two chameleons in a palm-rib basket. One was a giant, normal colour bronze-gren with brick-red dots. Its price was only twenty ackers. I was going up the Line after a week's leave, and hadn't any filus to sling about; so the chameleon, though it changed its colour, didn't change ownership.