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The Long White Cloud


page 19


introduction by sir james hight 5
preface to fourth edition 9
preface to first edition 11
a comment by bernard shaw 13
note of acknowledgment 14
poem: New Zealand 15
By William Pember Reeves
I. The Long White Cloud 25
II. The Maori 47
III. The Maori and the Unseen 65
IV. The Navigators 75
V. No Man's Land 87
VI. Mission Schooner and Whale Boat 98
VII. The Muskets of Hongi 110
VIII. “A Man-of-War Without Guns” 127
IX. The Dreams of Gibbon Wakefield 136
X. In the Caudine Forks 144
XI. Through Weakness into War 155
XII. Good Governor Grey 168
XIII. The Pastoral Provinces 177
XIV. Learning to Walk 189
XV. Governor Browne's Bad Bargain 196page 20
XVI. Tupara Against Enfield 200
XVII. The Fire in the Fern 211
XVIII. Gold-Diggers and Gum-Diggers 227
XIX. Vogel and the Public Works Policy 236
XX. In Parliament 245
XXI. Some Bones of Contention 258
XXII. The End of the Oligarchy 270
XXIII. The Eight Years' Tussle 281
XXIV. “King Dick” 295
XXV. The Experimental Laws 308
A. J. Harrop
I. Farmers in Power 327
II. Labour in Power 344
III. Second World War 350
IV. In the Empire and the World 359
V. Social and Economic Trends 363
VI. The New Zealanders 367
Appendix I: New Zealand Literature
Appendix II: Poem: The Passing of the Forest